Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Hyderabad helps you reduce obesity safely


    Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy

    As the name suggests, mini-gastric bypass surgery is a simplified form of gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. A thorough review of the studies evaluated the effectiveness of the mini-gastric bypass. The procedure is also shorter, easier, less expensive and has lower risk and equally successful as RNY weight loss gastric bypass. Even though mini-gastric bypass sounds like a reasonable choice between the two laparoscopic weight loss procedures, but there are a few significant reasons why it is not always the choice.

    • Usually, mini gastric bypass bypasses more of the intestine than the standard gastric bypass surgery, which might cause more vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
    • After mini-gastric bypass, digestive enzymes and bile are not diverted away from the stomach like in gastric bypass surgery.

    Ideally, the mini gastric bypass is not suited to patients with reflux disease experiencing symptoms like severe heartburn which needs medication.

    Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery & Other Bariatric Surgeries

    • The cost of mini-gastric bypass surgery might be lower than other types of surgery, but experienced surgeons may likely to charge similar to gastric bypass
    • It is simpler and risk-free compared to other bariatric surgeries Hyderabad
    • Need for hospitalization after surgery appears to be lower than other bariatric surgeries
    • It has similar results on obesity health issues as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery
    • In mini gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is separated into upper and lower pouches, and then the small intestine is rerouted, which allows both restrictive and malabsorption for weight loss.
    • The primary difference between them is that the mini version of the surgery involves less intestinal rerouting and shorter surgery time than gastric bypass.

    Mini Gastric Bypass(MGB) Surgery in Hyderabad

    Mini gastric bypass (MGB) is a form of bariatric surgery that works over the metabolic system. It was first developed by Robert Rutledge in 1997, and currently, it is gaining a lot of popularity. Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy has become one of the most reliable bariatric surgery in Hyderabad India to achieve long-term weight loss. MGB under a best bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad can help you to decrease 65–80% of excess body weight, and it can be sustained for about 15 yr effectively.

    Usually, the mini gastric bypass is done as a laparoscopic procedure. The laparoscopic bariatric surgeon begins to slice your stomach into a tube-like shape instead of its natural shape with a large pouch. The formed tube shape can restrict the food you consume. The stomach pouch in MGB is not as small as it is after RNY gastric bypass. It is about as wide as your oesophagus.

    The surgeon divides the small intestine into the roux limb and biliopancreatic limb(duodenum) during the procedure. The surgeon then closes the larger portion of the stomach pouch and the part of the small intestine that has been bypassed.

    Not only diabetes, but postsurgical weight loss improves a lot more other conditions like:

    • Hypertension
    • Dyslipidemias
    • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
    • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
    • Sleep apnea
    • Cardiac dysfunction
    • Reflux esophagitis
    • Pseudotumor cerebri
    • Arthritis
    • Infertility problems
    • Stress incontinence

    Ultimately, the Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery helps to increase the quality of life.

    Is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Reversible

    Unlike other bariatric surgical procedures, the mini gastric bypass surgery is entirely reversible. When complications occur with other bariatric procedures, or if the process is not much effective, a patient’s options are limited.

    Benefits Of Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery

    The mini-gastric bypass surgery provides several benefits and is one of the most-performed bariatric procedures. Know the benefits of about the mini gastric bypass procedure.

    Weight Loss – People who choose mini gastric bypass surgery for weight loss can lose 80% to 85% of their excess weight and are successful at keeping that weight off long-term.

    Decreased Risk Of Co-morbidities – The greatest benefit of choosing the mini-gastric bypass surgery along with the weight loss is the decreased risk for co-morbidities. This procedure can help in the reduction or elimination of weight-related health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure as they lose their excess weight.

    Shorter Procedure – Unlike traditional gastric bypass surgery, Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy is shorter and requires less hospital stay. Most of the bariatric surgeons complete the procedure within an hour and most patients require an overnight stay only.

    Smaller Incisions – The mini-gastric bypass surgery is a laparoscopic procedure. So the incisions made are small, and as a result, patients have less visible scars and even require a shorter recovery period.

    Faster Recovery – Recovery would be quicker than other weight loss procedures with less or no complications and most of the patients able to return to their work in one to two weeks.

    Fewer Risks – As the Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy is laparoscopic and the incisions are small, it results in fewer or no risks. It decreases the risk of infection, hernia, and some other complications often seen in patients who undergo traditional gastric bypass surgery.

    Cost-Effective Procedure – Mini gastric bypass surgery is less expensive bariatric surgery than many other bariatric procedures.

    Is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Right for You?- Consult Dr. V. Pareek To Find Out

    Though it has a lot of benefits, a mini gastric bypass surgery is not an ideal choice for all patients. If you want to know more about MGB procedure or want to know whether it is a good weight loss resolution for you, schedule a consultation to contact Dr. V. Pareek, one of the best bariatric surgeons in Hyderabad. He will evaluate your current health and weight, as well as the past weight loss solutions you have tried, in order to conclude which bariatric surgery is right for you.

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