Safe and effective treatment for Inguinal or Hiatal or Umbilical Hernia with Hernia Operation, Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery In Hyderabad


    Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

    Hernia Treatment Designed To Work Efficiently And With Less Complications

    Hernia is caused by the protrusion of some organ or an organ part through a wall in the cavity that contains it. Hernia Surgery is required when there is a tear or a general weakness in the abdomen wall which creates a Hernia Sac. The sac contains fat, intestine or to say some other tissues.

    How Could Hernia Be Created In An Individual?

    • At birth when an area of the abdomen wall is weak • A part of the abdominal wall weakens due to physical labour, pregnancy or aging • A tear develops at the point of a past surgical incision

    What Are The General Symptoms Of Hernia Where A Hernia Surgery Is Required?

    Hernia is generally caused by a bulge in the skin and here are some of the symptoms: Hernia can cause pain and discomfort on exertion Discomfort or pain from Hernia can be caused by urination or the regular bowel movements Hernia makes the person feel weak or pressurized in the groin area Hernia pain worsens when standing for a long time or at the end of the day

    Knowing All The Ways Of Hernia Treatment Would Help The Patient To Find A Solution Immediately

    Various methods of Hernia Treatment or Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad are available today. The doctor could suggest one or more than one ways of solving the hernia problem. Generally, a local anesthesia is sufficient to do the Hernia Surgery. Only very complicated cases require an operation and long hospital stay.

    Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

    Methods Of Treatment

    Hernia Treatment by Tension Repair: In this procedure, the Hernia surgeon creates an incision in the abdomen at the hernia site. The surgeon pushes the protruding tissue into its correct place in the abdominal cavity and then goes to stitch the incision. Tension-Free Repair Treatment: This repair technique is considered efficient by the American College of Surgeons. This method of repair utilizes a mesh piece for bridging the hernia defect, which could be less complicated to an incision over the hernia where the stitches are put. Laporoscopic Tension-Free Repair Treatment: For performing this surgery, the Hernia surgeon makes 3-4 incisions on the abdominal wall to insert small tubes from which endoscope and other dissecting instruments could be passed. The complete surgery is watched on the video screen. The space below the inguinal canal or in the abdominal wall is generally dissected and any organs that have entered the hernia sac are put back into the abdominal cavity. Then a piece of mesh is put over the weakened area.

    Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad these days are less painful with varied techniques of treatment being offered. As research shows that the Injection Method of treating Hernia by Carl G. Burdick MD and Bradley L. Coley MD proved to be very successful. Even the modern techniques utilized by Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek have made the surgery less complicated.

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