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    Piles Treatment in Hyderabad

    Piles Surgery: Treating Hemorrhoids to Result Lesser Pain & Faster Recovery

    Piles Can Be Harmful

    Piles are the lumps or itchy swellings that occur in or around the bottom area (anus) due to inflammation by constipation in the body. While it’s very common for the body to cause inflammation and result an abnormal lump in the anus, Piles may get extremely painful and trouble a person in performing everyday activities.

    These abnormal blood vessels in rectum vary in shape and size for a different patient, and the ones inside the rectum require advanced treatment options.

    How To Be Sure About Hemorrhoids (Symptoms)

    • If you observe soreness, redness, or swelling around the anus
    • If you get blood while pooping
    • If you observe continuous pain & discomfort in pooping
    • If your bottom itches
    • Growth of lumps in anus
    • Mucus leak observed from the bottom

    Piles Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad

    At first, Plies Surgeon suggests creams and ointments for instant pain removal. These may also prove effective in treating smaller hemorrhoids, which dries up on their self. As per the state and condition (shape, size, internal & external), a doctor suggests one out of following piles surgery types for treatment:


    The type of surgery where incisions are created around the anus to cut and extract piles is called haemorrhoidectomy. The operation of hemorrhoids with this procedure has lesser complication, is safe and less time taking. A patient can go home the same day of treatment. This treatment is designed to relieve a patient from pain, swelling, and discomfort.

    A patient may be prescribed anesthesia before treatment and require stitching the area with incisions at bottom. You may observe pain in the anus for a few days, but it gets back to normal in less than 3-4 weeks. A patient is advised to go bed rest for atlest two weeks post the treatment.

    Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (Stapling)

    The PPH treatment is widely known as a stapled hemorrhoidopexy, which is a minimally invasive procedure to treat hemorrhoids. The procedure is aimed at making the piles tissues to slip down the anus area. A stapler like device is used in the procedure, which cuts down the blood supply and causes it to dry up. The benefits of stapling surgery include:
    • Lesser pain
    • Quicker recovery
    • Lesser bleeding and itching
    • Reduced complications

    Laser Treatments:

    In the treatment, laser beams are directed toward the hemorrhoids to burn and extinct from the anus. The treatment is advanced and effective There are other popular treatments like rubber band litigation, sclerotherapy, etc., for piles.

    How to Avoid Risks of Piles (Prevention Tips)

    • Make sure you avoid straining bottom area while going to toiles
    • Always Use moist toilet paper
    • Dabbing in place of wetting the bottom area for cleaning
    • Drinking plenty of Fluids
    • Eating a plenty of fiber rich foods
    • Avoid Caffeine

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