Hemorrhoidectomy, A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids in Hyderabad (MIPH)


    Hemorrhoid Surgery

    What Are The Various Benefits Of MIPH Surgery?

    Hemorrhoid is one common problem that is affecting a number of people these days due to unhealthy lifestyle and also other related causes. Though the problem can be solved out with natural remedies or even with medicines in the initial stages, but situations of surgery can arise when the problem increases.

    It is said that the traditional piles surgery is quite painful and can take good many time to heal. In the procedure, the surgeon cuts the increased flesh to control the issue. But today there are many other ways also available apart from the traditional surgical method. One of the methods that are used is the MIPH or Minimally Invasive procedure for Hemorrhoid. Now maximum of the doctors suggests for this particular method and also a number of patients wish to go for this method. The reason for the same is that MIPH surgery comes along with a number of benefits both during the surgery and post surgery.

    Best Treatment For Critical Conditions

    The surgery method of MIPH is today considered as one of the best options for hemorrhoid. This is not only because it is much convenient but also because it can be performed even in the most critical cases. The surgery can be even conducted when the patient has reached a level of stage 4. This is the stage when the patient is in highest risk, but there are ample of cases where the method of MIPH has worked out.

    Conducting surgeries on patients with the diseases of blood pressure or heart related issues and others can be risky. But MIPH surgery is known to be conducted quite conveniently and much lesser risk in such patients.

    Lesser Complications

    The cases of hemorrhoid can be really difficult is the right piles surgeon is not contacted and the surgery does not take place properly. There are a number of reasons why it is said that the surgery method of MIPH has lesser complications. Some of the important reasons are: • There are no stitches that are provided as because there are no cuts, • The recurrence rate is much lesser, • The blood loss is also minimum, both during and after the surgery, • There might be just a minor pain after the surgery, • Normal evacuation can be controlled by the patient.

    Getting Back To Normal Is Quick

    One of the major reasons why now MIPH surgery is quite famous is that the surgery is just a day surgery. This means that the surgery can be performed within one day and the patient can be released on the same day of the surgery or at maximum by the next day. Also, after the surgery, the patient can easily get back to his or her normal work soon depending upon the situation. In normal cases, a patient can get back to work by a week’s time.

    MIPH is one of the best surgery options today for hemorrhoid patients. Surgeries taking place at Dr. V Pareek are conducted with the best care and also under supervision of best equipments and modern technologies.

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