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    Laparoscopic Surgery For Hernia – Less Painful And Less Complicated

    Hernia is mainly a hole that is caused in the abdominal muscle that causes protruding of the contents that develops a bulge. Such developing of bulge due to the contents protruding also pushes out a lining of the abdomen through the hole that is afterwards known as the sac of the hernia. Such cases are mostly noticed in areas such as a groin, umbilicus and others that have experienced incision or any other kind of rupture.

    The Need To Treat Them

    There is always an urgent necessity to treat such cases because of a number of reasons such as: • Part of the intestine may get stuck in the hole causing obstruction in digestion, • Discomfort such as pain during walking or even standing up, • Discomfort in lifting up of heavy items, • Increase in the sac of hernia, causing more complications, • The bulge may get visible externally causing embarrassment.

    Treatment Of Hernia Through Laparoscopic Method

    As per the traditional methods, the hole can be treated by stitching up the two muscles together or even by closing the opening with the help of the synthetic mesh. But one of the best options today is the laparoscopic method. The method is said to be less painful in comparison to the other traditional ways.

    Also this is much effective in both short term as well as long term cases.

    The patient does not have to stay for long in the hospital and also they can resume back to their regular work within a short period of time after the surgery has been conducted.

    The Method Of Laparoscopy Surgery Of Hernia

    The method of operating Hernia through laparoscopy is less painful during the surgery as well as after the surgery is done and the patient is back to normal life. Anesthesia is used during the surgery to make the surgery less painful. Only a few small incisions are made such as that of 0.5 cms to about 2 cms in order to insert the surgical equipments. Through these incisions only, the polypropylene meshes his inserted to block the hole of hernia.

    After the surgery is successfully completed, the wounds on the skins are treated by the dissolving sutures. Normally, such as surgery required an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients who are into sitting jobs can resume back to their work by about a few days after the surgery. For labors or for patients who are into strenuous jobs may require 3-4 weeks to heal before getting back to work.

    Cases of hernia always needed open surgeries and were quite painful few years back. But with the involvement of laparoscopic surgery, it has become lesser complicated and lesser painful. Also with the use of modern equipments and techniques at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, the surgery has become even more comfortable.

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