Appendicitis Treatment

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    What is Appendicitis?


    Appendicitis is a condition where the appendix becomes inflamed, swollen, or infected filled with pus .Appendicitis is the most common cause of sharp abdominal pain, which leads to surgery. The appendix is on the lower right side of your abdomen, which is a narrow tube-shaped pouch that stands out from the large intestine.

    During this condition, a person may feel a sharp pain in the abdominal area and becomes severe if left untreated immediately. Generally, this appendicitis problem may occur for the ages of 10 to 30.

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    Symptoms that refer to Appendicitis Surgery:

    • Stomach pain that starts suddenly in the right side of your abdominal
    • Abdominal swelling
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation or diarrhoea
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Low-grade fever
    • Pain that worsens if you cough and walk.
    • Nausea
    • Rigid Abdominal Muscles

      Causes for Appendicitis:

      • Blockage of the opening inside the appendix
      • The gastrointestinal infection causes Tissue growth in appendix
      • Inflammatory bowel disease
      • Stool, parasites, or growths that can clog your appendiceal lumen.

      When will Dr Venugopal Pareek recommend Appendicitis surgery?

      Whenever the patients feel acute pain on the right side of the abdomen, this surgery helps to remove the blocked appendix. Dr Venugopal Pareek, the best bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad, will help to cure inflammation. If the swollen appendix is left untreated, then it may spread to the complete abdomen and create so many problems.

      Diagnosis and Testing of Appendicitis:

      The doctor will observe symptoms caused by appendicitis. He may refer for some tests to examine your abdomen.

      These tests and procedures may include

      • Physical examination to assess your pain
      • CT and MRI scan
      • Abdominal ultrasound
      • Blood test

      Step by Step Process of Appendicitis Surgery:

      Open Appendectomy

      During open surgery, the surgeon will make a single large incision in the lower right of your abdomen. The surgeon removed the damaged appendix. After the removal, the incision will be closed with the stitches.

      The difficult situations like ruptured or infected appendix need an open appendectomy. If the infected appendix is left untreated, then it may transfer to other body parts of abdomen.

      Laparoscopic Appendectomy

      • During this type of surgery, the surgeon will make a small incision in your abdomen
      • Through the incision, a cannula tube is inserted to fill your abdomen with carbon dioxide gas which helps to give clear access to your abdomen to do the surgery
      • Then the surgeon will insert a laparoscope, which is thin and long fixed with a camera at the end through that small incision.
      • Then the camera will display the inner images of the abdomen on the screen, which allows the surgeon to guide the instruments.
      • Then the infected appendix after found, then the removal process will be done.
      • After the removal, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures, which will become invisible in the recovery time.

      Advantages of Laparoscopic Appendicitis

      Results may vary depending upon the patient’s symptoms and type of treatment chose. Here is the list of advantages which includes

      • Less postoperative pain
      • May shorten hospital stay
      • Could lead to a faster recovery to bowel functionality
      • Quicker return to normal activity
      • Better cosmetic results

      Appendicitis Surgery in Hyderabad FAQs:

      • What is the recovery time after the appendectomy?

        Your recovery time depends on the type of surgery chosen by the surgeon. Generally, it may take 2-4 days to recover completely after the surgery.
      • How much time does it take to do the surgery?

        The laparoscopic surgeon will take an hour to complete the appendicitis surgery.
      • How long after the surgery, can I go back home?

        The patient will most likely go home within 24 to 36 hours after the Appendicitis Surgery surgery. It may take a week to recover if there is a severe appendix infection or appendix is burst.
      • What is the cost of Appendicitis surgery in Hyderabad?

        The cost of the appendicitis surgery depends on several factors like the experience of the surgeon, severity of the problem, location of the hospital, etc.
      • Is appendicitis avoidable?

        No, appendicitis can’t be avoided. The main thing here is to find the best GI or laparoscopic surgeon at early symptoms to avoid ruptured appendix.
      • When am I allowed to return to work after an appendectomy?

        You will generally return to work within a week if you’ve had a laparoscopic surgery if you’re doing a non-physical job. If you’ve had open surgery or you’re working a job with a lot of manual work, then it may take 2-4 weeks to recover completely.
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