Dr Venugopal Pareek is the best Gallbladder stones specialist in Hyderabad offering best treatment for Gallbladder stones in Hyderabad from past 13 years. He is specialized and has immense experience in performing gallbladder surgeries in Hyderabad for patients with outstanding results within no time. His proven track record and the long list of satisfied customers make him one of the most famous bariatric and metabolic surgeons in Hyderabad.

Dr Venugopal Pareek is a board-certified laparoscopic gastric surgeon and holds a professional membership and fellowship in various surgical councils. He is a renowned senior bariatric surgeon in India with over 16 years of experience in providing minimally invasive laparoscopic bariatric surgeries. He is well-known for delivering excellent results to his patients.

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    What is Gallbladder?

    The gallbladder is a small pouch that lies under the liver or upper abdomen. The upper abdomen consists of so many crucial organs like bile duct, gallbladder, pancreatic duct. The gallbladder will collect and store the liquid bile, which helps to integrate the food.

    If the gall bladder emptying is not proper, then the bile ducts will get unbalanced and fail to integrate hard fragments. Thus these hard fragments will form in the shape of stones which are known as Gallstones. If the Gallstones block the bile, then removal of Gallbladder is the most preferred option.

    Best Gallbladder Surgeon in Hyderabad

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    • No scar and No side effects

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      Symptoms that are observable for preferring Gallbladder surgery:

      • Nausea
      • Vomiting
      • Abdominal bloating
      • Pain in the abdomen
      • Jaundice
      • Hyperacidity
      • Difficulty in digesting
      • Diarrhoea
      • Constipation

      Causes for Gallbladder Removal:

      • For the people who are overweight and who have family-related heredity problems
      • Release of other liquids may lead to the gallstones formation
      • High bilirubin levels also lead to gallstone
      • High cholesterol levels also stimulate gallstones.

      When Dr Venugopal Pareek recommends for Gallbladder surgery?

      Best Hospital for Gallbladder Surgery in Hyderabad

      If the gallstones block the bile duct, then you may feel any of the symptoms as mentioned earlier. This blockage of the duct is also referred to as a gallbladder attack which leads to pain in the abdomen. To solve this health issue, Dr Venugopal Pareek the best bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad will refer for this gallbladder surgery. If you are left untreated, then it may lead to severe problems including Cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Cholangitis.

      Diagnosis and Testing before Gallbladder Surgery:

      Before the surgery, the surgeon may refer for some of the following tests to estimate the gallstone position in the bile duct. These test may include

      • Blood test
      • Ultrasound
      • X-ray
      • MRI
      • Endoscopy ultrasonography

      Step by Step Process of Gallbladder Surgery:

      • Under general anaesthetic conditions, the surgeon will make several small incisions near your belly button.
      • Through these incisions, he will insert a small and thin shaped tube referred to as ports.
      • This port will help to create the space to do the surgery.
      • Then the surgeon will insert a tube with a tiny camera at the end to get a clear image of the inside.
      • Whenever he gets a clear picture, then other surgical tools will be inserted through other small incisions.
      • By observing the monitor and by using surgical tools, he will remove the affected gallbladder.
      • After removal of Gallbladder, he may scan for other bile duct problems or gallstones.
      • If everything is clear, then he will suture the incision with invisible stitches.

      After Gallbladder Surgery:

      • The length of the surgery depends on the types of surgery.
      • If it’s laparoscopic surgery, then you may need a day of hospital stay.
      • If you had open surgery for your gall bladder removal, then you may require 2-3 days of hospital stay.
      • Close observation is needed for any infections near incisions.
      • Strictly follow the doctor prescribed diet such as fibre foods to maintain proper digestion.

      FAQs- Gallbladder surgery in Hyderabad:

      • What is the recovery time after the gallbladder surgery?

        It usually takes a couple of weeks to do your regular activities after the surgery.
      • Is the swelling of the abdomen after the surgery normal?

        After the gallbladder surgery, you may experience bloatingin your abdomen. In some cases, patients may experience diarrhoea. Generally, these side-effects may go off in 2 to 4 days.
      • Can we experience bile leakage?

        Bile fluid sometimes leaks into the abdomen after the removal of the gallbladder. You may experience some of the symptoms like stomach pain, fever, bloating, etc.
      • Is there any chance of recurrence of Gallstones?

      • How much does this Gallbladder surgery cost?

        The cost of the surgery depends upon the factor which includes

        • Type of treatment to be done which preferred by the doctor
        • The severity of the problem
        • Location of hospital
        • Available facilities

        For more details Dr Venugopal Pareek now.

      • After the Gallbladder removal, has there been any change in my weight?

        No, after the surgery, you don’t experience any weight change, but the surgeon may prescribe to avoid fatty foods which are difficult to digest so you may experience some weight loss.
      • Will this treatment leave scars on my abdomen?

        No, All the treatments provided by the Dr Venugopal Pareek are minimally invasive and scar-free.
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