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    Anal Fistula Surgery

    LIFT ( Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract ) Surgery in Hyderabad

    LIFT is a surgical process that is used to treat complex anal fistula problems. This helps to treat fistula problems permanently. In LIFT sphincter is an aspiring process to repair anal fistula problems. It is an advanced approach through the intersphincteric plane in treating fistula in ano. This procedure secures the closure of the internal opening and infected tissue.

    Dr Venugopal Pareek is an eminent laparoscopic, bariatric and metabolic surgeon in Hyderabad India who has specialized and experienced in treating the problems like piles, fistula, and fissures. He and his team always strives to achieve better results and also helps in avoiding the recurrence of fistula problems.

    Dr Venugopal Pareek is a senior and experienced surgeon in India who has treated several hundreds of fistula problems with his innovative and advanced procedures. If you have persistent symptoms of an anal fistula while passing the bowels.

    Dr Venugopal Pareek always believes in giving every patient the individual attention that they needed for their anal fistula problems. He understands about the discomforts with fistulas to provide the best treatments for better results. There are so many different treatment procedures for your fistula problems which include

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    LIFT (Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract):

    It is a surgical process for treating complex anal fistula problems. It is a simple and easy recovery that makes it the most preferred surgery for fistula in ano. The LIFT procedure is aimed at a cryptoglandular source of infection within the intersphincteric space. This process is also helpful in treating Crohn’s disease, which is related to fistula problems.

    Advantages of having LIFT surgery in Hyderabad:

    • High success rate
    • Permanent solution for anal fistula
    • Regulates the bowel discomforts
    • Improves sphincter functionality
    • High healing rate with no risk of incontinence
    • Faster recovery time compared to other fistula treatment
    • Decreases the post-op care

    When is the LIFT surgery recommended?

    The anal fistula is very painful due to bleeding and irritation while passing stool. If the fistula is complex and repetitive, then there may be a chance of pus drainage. To know the severity of the fistula, there are some symptoms to observe. The Ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract is recommended for the people who are suffering from the following symptoms

    • Frequent anal abscess
    • Chronic Pain and swelling around the anus
    • Pus drainage from fistula
    • Bleeding
    • Bowel discomfort
    • Irritation in the anus area
    • Fever

    Fistula becomes a hurdle for your day to day activities. Have a conversation now with Dr Venugopal Pareek, the best piles surgeon in Hyderabad, to treat your fistula problems now!!

    Step by step process of LIFT surgery in Hyderabad:

    • In this LIFT procedure, there are several steps to follow by the surgeon.
    • Firstly, the surgeon will make a small incision at the intersphincteric groove to open the fistula in the anal canal.
    • Then the Intersphincteric tract is examined thoroughly to know the severity and complexity of the fistula.
    • After a complete diagnosis, the surgeon moves to ligation of the intersphincteric tract that is located near the internal opening.
    • After finding the infected tissue, also known as cryptoglandular tissue, the surgeon will remove it with the help of tiny tools.
    • Then the fistula is sealed at both ends with sutures.

    Why Choose Dr Venguopal Pareek for the LIFT process?

    • 13+ years of experience in treating the different fistula problem
    • Have a successful track record in treating anal fistula problems
    • Specialized in performing different bariatric surgeries
    • Specialized in performing different bariatric surgeries
    • Aims to achieve better results
    • Availability of customized treatments
    • Minimally invasive treatment procedures
    • Advanced treatment techniques
    • Latest treatment equipment
    • Less recovery time after the surgery
    • No scar and side effects
    • Affordable treatment procedures
    • 100% guaranteed results

    FAQs about LIFT (Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract) surgery in Hyderabad:

    • What is the care I should take after my LIFT surgery?

      After having successful LIFT surgery, you should keep your treatment area clean. After the surgery, the surgeon may refer to a sitz bath regularly to diminish the bowel movement.
    • How long does it take to recover from the Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract surgery?

      Generally, it may take 1-2 weeks to recover from the LIFT surgery. The recovery time may vary depending on the size of the Fistula and its severity.
    • Is there any recurrence of the fistula after having the LIFT surgery?

      Many fistulae may have a chance of recurrence. But fistulas that are treated with LIFT procedures will have less recurrence rate.
    • What is the Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract treatment cost in India?

      The Ligation of intersphincteric Fistula Tract cost in India, Hyderabad, may vary depending on the size and severity of the fistula. To know more details about the fistula problems and the treatment options, contact the best laparoscopic surgeon in India, Dr Venugopal Pareek.
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