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    Fistula Treatment in Hyderabad

    Fistulectomy for Getting A Permanent Cure From Fistula

    Fistulectomy is a surgical process that is applied for treating fistula. This Fistula is a physical condition where an abnormal connection is built between two tubular organs such as blood vessels or sometimes intestines. There are different types of fistula growing inside the human body. But Fistulectomy is particularly a surgery performed on the fistula growing in the anal area. In this case, the connection is built between the skins of the near anal area with the end of the bowel.

    There is another surgical practice to cure fistula known as Fistulotomy. But this is a process where the surgeon cuts the tract or connection open and then moves to the healing of the area but in Fistulectomy Surgery, the surgeon cuts the entire tract out of the area. Both of these procedures have their advantages and disadvantages. After a thorough checkup, the doctor suggests particular surgery for the patient.

    Reasons for Treating Fistula

    People suffering with fistula or medically known as fistula-in-ano are prescribed with Fistulectomy. Other than growing an inflammatory tract connected in the anal area there is a possibility of suffering from this due to an existing bowel disease. There are reasons for getting a treatment of fistula. • The anal fistula may not seem to be harming the patient’s health directly but it involves serious itching and irritation which is the cause of the patient’s discomfort. • They are painful in some serious cases. • It can cause discharge of blood streak and even create a situation where the stool passes through the fistula. This can create a situation of further infection of the area that requires immediate Fistulectomy Hyderabad. • There are other treatments involved for curing fistula like using drainage seton, fistulotomy and fistula plug but Fistulectomy seems the most affective among all other treatments that can completely resolve the situation of fistula.

    Fistulectomy Procedure

    In the beginning of the surgery, the doctor prescribes physical examination to identify the three vital points of fistula, the external, internal opening, and the tract. If the fistula is found in the lower portion of the anal and built with sub mucous then it is identified as low-level fistula whereas if the effects have reached the pelvi-rectal area then it is a high-level fistula.

    Fistulectomy Telangana is an outpatient procedure where the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day of Fistulectomy surgery if there is no complication during the operation. A general or spinal anesthesia is performed on the patient. If there is any severe condition found then the doctor can inject contrast dye into the external opening or insert image instruments for a better understanding of the situation. The surgeon removes the three part of fistula very carefully.

    The entire process of Fistulectomy takes only 15 minutes to 1 hour at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek while only in 1 to 6 weeks the patient recovers.

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