Fistulectomy Surgery Telangana


    Fistulectomy Telangana – A Trusted Procedure For Years

    Fistulectomy is a procedure in which the fistulous tract is cut completely. It enables to get the best fistulectomy surgery done from the well-reputed specialists such as Dr. Pareek. All the types of surgeries like the Anal Fistula treatment and the perianal abscess surgery with a trusted doctor helps to remove all the complications.

    Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Anal Fistula

    The main symptoms of Anal Fistulae are skin irritation, serous fluid or feces discharge. The patient could experience some pain, swelling, and fever. The diagnosis could be made in an outpatient setting or by an anoscopy. The examination could lead to the finding of: • An opening of the fistula into the skin • The area examined could be painful • There could be some amount of redness • The area gets thickened because of chronic infection

    Treatment Of Anal Fistula

    A good treatment of the Anal Fistula enables to stop the recurrence of the disease. Fibrin glue injection is a well-known method found in the recent years, with varied success. In this method, the fistula is injected with biodegradable glue which closes the fistula from the interior, and it allows the fistula to heal naturally.

    A Fistula plug consists of plugging the fistula with an instrument made from the small intestinal submucosa. The plug is positioned in the interior of the anus with a suture. This method of treating the fistula is successful to around 80%. The fistula plug method needs hospitalization for about 24 hours only. The treatment does not carry the risks of bowel dysfunction.

    The Lift Method is a modern modification to treat the fistula through an inter sphincteric plane for the treatment. The Lift surgery provides a secure closure to the internal opening and removes the infected cryptoglandular tissue through this approach. The important steps of the procedure are an incision at the intersphincteric groove, recognition of the intersphincteric tract, ligation of intersphincteric tract close to the internal opening and removal of intersphincteric tract, scraping out all granulation tissue in the rest of the fistulous tract, and suturing of the defect at the external sphincter muscle.

    New Approach To The Treatment Of Cancer Surgery

    The UT Southwestern Medical Researchers invented a ground breaking technology to treat cancer. In this process, the patient is supposed to be injected into the arm and is cleared from the operation procedure in a few hours itself. This technology has not been tried on patients, but clinical tests would be started next summer.

    The fistulectomy Telangana method of surgery leads to a better recovery result when performed by the reputed specialists like Dr. Pareek. It is best considered to opt for the latest techniques of surgery as in the case of cancer operation for the best results.

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