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    Piles Surgeon Treating Patients with Positive Result by MIPH surgery

    Piles or Hemorrhoid is a condition where blood vessels around the lower part of the anus and rectum are swollen to a level that when bowel movements occur the person feels irritation. The reason behind this irritation is the stretched and thin walls of the vein walls. Piles surgeon will examine a patient for learning if he/she has an internal or external hemorrhoid.

    In internal hemorrhoid treated through piles surgery, the patient does not feel particular pain or sensation because there are very few pain-sensing nerves inside the rectum. The only sign is the bleeding during bowel movement. If they are not treated in time then it might change into prolapsed hemorrhoid which is very irritating since these pink pads of skin start to rub against the clothes while walking, sitting or doing any type of movement. An external hemorrhoid is very irritating and painful from the beginning which is found inside the anus.

    Reasons Behind Treatment Of Piles

    Before a piles surgery is performed the patient faces some serious issues with piles that are the sign for treatment. They are: • Bright red blood comes out while bowel movement or found in the toilet paper. • Before a piles surgery Hyderabad is performed the patient may feel both tenderness and pain during bowel movement. • There can be anal itching. • Mucus anal discharge. • There may be a lump near the anus which is very painful and swells often.

    Treating Piles With MIPH/PPH

    There is a piles surgery Telangana done for the patients known as Hemorrhoidectomy. But there is another successful piles treatment and surgery done which is known as Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy or MIPH surgery. In this surgical process, the enlarged and abnormally grown hemorrhoidal tissues are removed from anus and rectum. The remaining of the hemorrhoidal tissues is placed back to the normal position in the anus and rectum. If the patient has a structural deformity in the rectum then it causes ODS or Obstructed Defecation Syndrome. This is the general cause of constipation. The Stapled transanal rectal resection or STARR, in short, is a newer MIPH surgery Telangana procedure. It is a minimally invasive method where no external incision is required. The surgical stapler is used to discard any excess tissues of the rectum and ultimately removing the cause behind ODS.

    This procedure of piles treatment by piles surgeon is so effective and painless that patients feel minimum pain and discharged from the hospital in between one to 3 days. The ODS patients can get back to their normal lifestyle within 6 to 15 days. According to some research results on patients after performing MIPH surgery Hyderabad, they experience an improvement in their situation and positively came away from symptoms of ODS at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek. This helps them revert back to their normal lives.

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