MIPH Telangana For Permanent Cure Of Both Internal And External Hemorrhoid

    MIPH is a surgical treatment for hemorrhoids or piles. Hemorrhoid does not affect a patient’s health directly but it can create enough irritations. In both internal and external hemorrhoid, patients suffer with itchiness, irritation while they try to sit or wear clothes. When the pile mass comes outside then the irritation becomes unbearable. Through MIPH Telangana a patient can get proper relief.

    In the MIPH surgery the surgeon places back the pile mass to its original place. It is highly recommended for people suffering with severe piles and requires assistance. The MIPH Hyderabad is usually a short surgical procedure that ends really fast and the patient feels less post-operative pain.

    Recommendations For MIPH Surgery

    Patients suffering with hemorrhoid do not particularly feel unhealthy consequences. But the irritation is hard to deal with. MIPH Telangana is recommended both external and internal hemorrhoids and in case the patient is suffering with late II, III and IV degree of piles.

    Benefits Of MIPH

    The MIPH stands for minimal invasive procedure for hemorrhoid. There is another name for this surgical procedure which is Stapler Hemorrhoidopexy. Patients are recommended to this surgery because this involves minimum pain. The blood loss is also less than few other surgical treatments for piles. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The patients recover faster and can go back to their normal lifestyle very fast.

    Procedure Of MIPH

    The MIPH Telangana is performed under local, general or regional anesthesia. The circumferential cuff from the inner wall of the rectum is removed in the operation. Then the hanging anus walls are put into the original place by stapling. A circular stapler is used in this operation.

    It reduces the amount of prolapsed piles tissues. The reason is because it bends the prolapsed mucosa membrane above the dentate line. In the circular stapler, the prolapsed tissue is pulled in and the excess tissues are removed. The procedure of MIPH Hyderabad ends by stapling the remaining hemorrhoid tissues.

    Why Opt For This Surgery?

    This MIPH Telangana surgery not only removes primary piles but also get rids of the secondary piles. It avoids any chances of recurrence. There is not going to be any open wound outside the skin from the anal opening. This helps the patient feel at least 80% less pain than any other options of open piles surgeries. The healing takes less time and there is no wound to nurse for after the operation. The patient can leave hospital faster and return back to their normal schedule.

    MIPH Telangana is a well-known surgical procedure for treating hemorrhoid because it involves less pain and no bleeding or open wound. It also prevents piles to reappear. At Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, surgeons are able to cure patients having severe piles problem through MIPH surgery. They also guide with proper aftercare.

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