Bariatric Surgeon Telangana – Advising Successful Bariatric Surgery Procedures

    Obesity patients find it very difficult to lose their body weight by normal methods. Bariatric surgeon Telangana suggests for operations that will help them lose weight and prevent any future unnecessary body weight gain. In an overall view, Bariatric surgery is a procedure where the stomach is restricted to take any extra food intake than the amount it can hold after the operation. It causes malabsorption of the nutrients which is proven to help in reducing body weight.

    There are different after effects of Bariatric surgery Telangana. One patient can go through hormonal changes in the body also. Most of the bariatric operations done in modern times are minimally invasive procedures or called laparoscopic surgery.

    Causes Of Bariatric Surgery

    Patients suffering with obesity usually opt for bariatric surgery. This obesity is then the cause for some other serious diseases connected with type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, various heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma with other breathing problems and depression etc. After the operation, the patient can get back to their normal body shape, preventing the other diseases to occur unannounced.

    Procedures And Advantages Of Bariatric Surgery

    There are three most commonly known procedure suggested by Bariatric surgeon Telangana. They are: • Gastric Bypass • Sleeve Gastrectomy • Adjustable gastric band

    Gastric Bypass

    This operation is also known as Gastric Bypass. The Bariatric surgeon Hyderabad makes a small space in the stomach by separating the top portion of the stomach from the other parts. The small intestine is divided and the end of it is connected with the new small stomach pouch.

    Patients going under this Bariatric surgery Hyderabad can obtain a significant weight-loss. It helps in the hormone change so the patient feel satisfied with less food. It may lead to increase of energy usage for further weight loss.

    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    The sleeve gastrectomy is performed via laparoscopic surgery. It removes a large portion of the stomach. The remaining portion of the stomach pouch looks like a banana. Patients can leave for home in approximately 2 days because it is a minimal invasive procedure. The stomach holds less space for food intake causing rapid weight loss as a result.

    Adjustable Gastric Band

    In this operation, Bariatric surgeon Telangana uses an inflatable band on the upper portion of the stomach that creates a small pouch above the band. The volume of the stomach pouch is adjustable by simply filling the band with sterile saline.

    There is no cutting of the stomach. And yet the patient undergoes a massive weight loss. It is a reversible process and the patient can leave the hospital within 24 hours.

    Patients suffering with severe obesity needs to consult with Bariatric surgeon Telangana before the condition worsen and it invites other serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and also sleep apnea. Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek is offering proper treatment and aftercare for bariatric surgery.

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