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    Hernia Surgeon Telangana Creating Best Techniques to Treat the Problems of Hernia

    As the problem and treatment of Hernia have become a vital part of procedural development, a hernia surgeon Telangana plays the pivotal role in its success. A hernia is a protrusion in the abdominal membrane that is created by a weak spot in the connective tissue or muscle. A hernia problem does not heal internally. The problem can be solved by an operation.

    Types Of Hernia

    • Inguinal Hernia- This type is commonly found in males at the lower abdomen and thigh. • Femoral Hernia- This type of a hernia is common among women and occurs in the groin region. It occurs by weakness in the lower groin part at the time of pregnancy. It could create complications, so they are generally operated. • Umbilical hernia- This type of hernia occurs when some part of an intestine bulges through the umbilical opening in the abdomen muscles. This category of hernia may occur among infants and may get resolved at 3-4 years of age. Among adults, the Umbilical Hernia needs to be treated. • Ventral Hernia- This type of hernia is caused by a protrusion on the ventral surface of the patient’s body. In the case of strangulated ventral hernia, the intestinal tissue gets caught in the opening of the abdominal wall. Since the tissue cannot be placed back in the abdominal cavity, the blood supply gets cut off. What Are The Symptoms Of Hernia? Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand that it is Hernia. A patient with Hernia may look out for these many symptoms: • A bulge appears at the time of standing or even straining • The bulge increases on coughing and sneezing • The patient could experience pain on lifting weights • There could be a dull ache in the affected area • The problem could lead to nausea and constipation

    How Can A Hernia Problem Be Treated?

    A good surgery by a hernia surgeon Telangana is the only way to treat a hernia problem. If the problem persists, the case will become more complicated. An untreated hernia may result in an obstruction and “strangulation,” that could require immediate surgery. Strangulation takes place when the blood supply to the affected hernia area is cut off, causing the tissue or intestine decay.

    Method Of Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

    A surgeon takes a number of steps in treating Hernia methodically: • The surgeon makes 3-4 incisions in the abdomen section. One in the naval section and the other towards the bottom. • A laparoscope, fiber optic tube with a small video camera is pushed through the opening and visualized on the TV monitor. • The laparoscopic surgery is performed utilizing surgical instruments from the other openings while seeing on the TV monitor. The mesh is put in its place with sutures and staples. • Then the surgical instruments are removed and the holes are closed with stitches or with a surgical tape Surgery is generally recommended for almost all types of hernias. The doctor tries to avoid complications like strangulation, by undertaking the treatment as soon as possible. One must visit Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek for a successful treatment and sound recovery.

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