Piles or Hemorrhoids is a painful condition that can affect anyone at any stage of life. This is a common health problem and is caused when blood vessels in the anus (butthole) become enlarged or swollen. This condition is not life-threatening but can cause uncomfortable symptoms like anal pain and bleeding. Therefore, getting proper treatment as soon as possible is very important to prevent complications. In most cases, non-surgical treatment options for piles, such as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and taking over-the-counter medicines, are effective enough. However, in some cases, surgery is the best long-term treatment option for this condition, especially if the haemorrhoids are very large, painful, bleeding, or recurring.

There are different types of surgical options available for piles, and hemorrhoidectomy is the most common procedure used to treat piles condition. 

Surgery for haemorrhoids is generally safe and effective in almost all cases. But to recover strongly, patients should follow a specific diet and avoid constipation to prevent new hemorrhoid flare-ups.


A hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure that helps to remove hemorrhoids surgically. The procedure involves making a few incisions around the anus to remove the painful hemorrhoids. This is an outpatient procedure in most cases, which means you can go home on the same day. As the operated area is highly sensitive, the area with stitches might be tender and painful afterwards.

Most people recover within two weeks, but some people take as long as three to six weeks to recover and come back to normal.

Recovery tips for fast healing after piles surgery

Recovery from pile surgery might be rough. So, aftercare is very important to ensure a quick and complete recovery. Below are a few tips to reduce the recovery time by improving the healing process.

Hydration and diet

Drink more water and lots of fluid to stay hydrated, which is 8-10 glasses of water a day. Maintain a balanced diet and make sure you consume high-fiber foods. Hydration and a fibre-rich diet can help soften stools and prevent constipation, which is very important for a smooth recovery.

Straining during bowel movements should be avoided.

Do not stain during your bowel movements because straining can inhibit the healing process. Take your time in the bathroom. If you are having difficulty passing stools, use stool softeners as directed by the doctor.

Sitz bath 

Taking a sitz bath helps to minimise pain and discomfort following piles surgery. Sitz bath means sitting in a tub of warm water. Do not add any other chemicals to this water. You can take a sitz bath multiple times a day as recommended by the surgeon, especially during the first week after surgery. Swelling and pain can be controlled with this procedure, as warm water helps relax the muscles. You may also use an ice pack by wrapping it in a towel for 5-10 minutes.

Avoid lifting weights

Lifting objects that are heavy puts added pressure on the surgical area, which may delay the healing process. So restrain lifting weights, especially during the first few weeks after surgery.

Physical activity:

Doctors may advise you to engage in physical activities, like walking and light-form exercises, after surgery. Regular physical activities improve blood circulation and prevent complications. However, refrain from strenuous activities until your doctor says so.

Hygiene Practices

Maintaining good hygiene is also very important in the recovery process to prevent infection. After your bowel movements, clean the anal area smoothly, and keep your pants on only after the area is dry. Use an air dryer or pat it with a soft towel to make the area dry. Do not use rough toilet paper. 

Don’t miss follow-up appointments:

Never miss follow-up appointments scheduled by the surgeon. These visits are important to assess your recovery progress, address any problems, and modify your recovery plan based on the pace of your recovery.

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