There are various types of hernias, and they are among the most common health problems affecting many people, from newborns to elderly people. Surgical repair is the common treatment used to fix most hernia problems. Remember, all hernias might not require surgery. Open hernia surgery and laparoscopic hernia repair are the most popular surgical procedures used to treat almost all hernia problems. Over the past two decades, surgical techniques have become far more advanced, especially with the introduction of robots in the medical industry. 

The FDA approved the first robotic surgery system in the year 2000, and ventral hernia repair is the first robotic-assisted procedure.

What is a hernia?

Hernias are generally formed due to weaknesses or defects in the peritoneum membrane and (muscular tissue) that lines your abdominal cavity and keeps your organs in place. There are different types of hernias, and they are named based on the area in which they appear; for example, a hiatal hernia occurs in the chest cavity when the internal part of your stomach bulges out and appears like a bump. If the hernia develops around the belly button, it is called an umbilical hernia. If it occurs near the past surgical incision, it is called an incisional hernia. If it occurs in the lower abdomen near the thigh, it is called a femoral hernia, and they are common in women.

Hernia repair surgery

Traditional open surgery is the main procedure, but most hernia repairs are done laparoscopically, a minimally invasive surgical technique carried out by making small incisions near the hernia in the body. Some are done with a robot and are considered minimally invasive surgery. 

Robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery are slightly similar, and the difference is that in robotic hernia surgery, the surgeon will sit at a computer console beside you, controlling “robotic arms” that perform actual surgery. The robotic arms hold surgical instruments and continue the procedure by making incisions, pushing back the protruded tissues or organs into their place, and sealing the incision with sutures. The surgeon will have a 3D magnified view inside your body with the help of a small high-definition camera.

Is robotic surgery for hernia repair the right choice for you?

In general, robotic surgery is one of the best treatment options for anyone who is suitable for a minimally invasive procedure. People with large or complicated hernias and those who have already undergone hernia surgery are also eligible for this surgery.

All hernia surgeons will, however, stick to a set of standards to determine which kind of surgical procedure is most appropriate for a particular patient. These standards include the patient’s age, overall health, type of hernia, and cost that can be afforded by the patient.

Benefits Of Robotic Hernia Surgery:

Robotic surgery is more beneficial compared to open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. The robotic platform offers a better view to the surgeon and allows more precise movements, even in complicated situations. As a result the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue very less.

The following are some other benefits: 

Reduced pain and less scarring — Robotic procedure is less invasive compared to traditional open surgery, and as a result, pain and scarring are reduced. 

Outpatient procedure — Robotic surgery is mostly performed on an outpatient basis, which means hospital stay is very short. You can go home on the same day or the next day after surgery because it is a less invasive procedure. 

Faster recovery — Most people recover quickly after robotic surgery. People can continue their regular activities within a week or two. 

Less risk of infection — The risk of infection is less in robotic surgery compared to other hernia surgeries. 

The recurrence rate is less — With robotic hernia repair, patients are at lower risk of hernia recurrence.

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