Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgeon Telangana – Best Option For Using The Latest Scientific Methods For Treatment

    Obesity is called “morbid obesity” when the body weighs 100% above the ideal body weight. This has been determined by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company height and weight tables. The condition is connected with the development of complications like hypertension, diabetes as well as coronary artery disease.

    The Surgical Treatment

    A number of scientific methods of surgery have been devised over the past 50 years. The various types of operation include:
    • The vertical banded gastroplasty, gastric banding, and malabsorption procedures like the duodenal switch.
    • The laparoscopic gastric band surgery consists of placing a 1/2 inch belt around the top part of the stomach. This makes a small pouch and an outlet in the lower stomach. The adjustable band, approved by FDA in June 2001, can be filled with sterile saline.
    • The gastric bypass surgery consists of dividing the stomach which forms a small gastric pouch. The new gastric pouch is connected to the different lengths of the patient’s small intestine.
    • The malabsorbtion operations lead to a weight loss by reducing the absorption of calories from the intestines. These operations consist of decreasing the size of the stomach and bypassing the intestines.
    Who Is A Ready Patient For Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgery?
    The National Institute for Health marked the following guidelines for a laparoscopic surgery:
    • The patients who are above 100% body weight
    • There must be a complication present that could be solved by the laparoscopic surgery like hypertension, diabetes, lung disease and arthritis.
    • The patient should be aware of the complications involved and the surgical procedure.

    A Pre-Surgery Preparation

    Initially, a thorough medical examination of the patient is done by the general physician. A nutritional evaluation of the patient must be undertaken. A psychological evaluation of the patient is also required to know whether he is ready for the changes after the operation. The patient must consult a cardiologist as well as an endocrinologist varying on the medical condition. The patient is encouraged to participate in the Obesity Support Group. A clear liquid diet should be consumed a day before the surgery. The colon and the intestines must be completely clean before the operation. Anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirins should be avoided a week prior to the surgery.

    How Is The Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgery Telangana Performed?

    The laparoscopic surgery is generally performed using a video monitor. The first step is to make five to six small incisions in the abdomen section. Through this opening, a small video camera is inserted along with the surgical tools to get to the problem area. A small is created by stapling a portion of the stomach. This small pouch does not allow any food intake. Arrangements are made through the small intestine for the food to pass. This bypass surgery lowers the amount of calories and nutrients absorbed by the body.

    Effective bariatric laparoscopic surgery is performed by the eminent surgeons like Dr. Pareek with complete success.

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