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    The merits that can be obtained from Laparoscopic surgery done by a laparoscopic surgeon


    Laparoscopic Surgeon: The process of laparoscopic surgery was first performed for various gynaecological disorders or even for treating gallbladder related issue. But now the surgery is performed on various intestinal issues also in many cases. A few years back when the surgery used to be open, the abdomen of the patient was cut open and then the surgery was performed in the abdomen. But now a few sharp cuts are made at different places of the abdomen by the laparoscopic surgeon and then the surgery is performed using devices such as trocher.

    How Convenient Is The Surgery?

    The surgery of laparoscopic method is quite convenient for both the surgeon as well as the patient. A tube like device is inserted from the cut in which other equipments such as a camera and the laparoscope device is also inserted. The stomach area is filled with carbon dioxide gas so that the doctor is able to have a view of the internal organs properly and can perform the surgery conveniently. The camera is powerful enough to capture all the images and help the doctor to operate well.

    There can be a few situations where a special cut is made from where the laparoscopic surgeon can insert his or her hand in the abdomen if the work is not being performed properly by the gadgets. This is in some special cases only such as when there is a surgery for rectal prolapse, ulcerative colitis, and many others.

    Why Laparoscopic Surgery Is Performed?

    The surgery is performed by a surgeon for a number of reasons. It is not always necessary that it is always about treating a particular disease with the help of the surgery. There are also many other reasons why the surgery is performed on the patient.

    The laparoscope is often used to check the disturbances that may have happened inside the abdomen. If there is some problem that is not visible or is not traceable by the doctor, then the method is performed in order to have a close view with the help of the camera. Also, there can be a situation where the surgeon may need to take sample of the internal organ. In this case also, the method is used to get a sample and then perform the test on the sample to recognise a particular problem of the patient.

    Preparations To Be Done Before The Commencement Of A Laparoscopic Surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery should be done only be a specialist doctor after taking blood tests and conducting electrocardiogram tests. He has to take the help of local anaesthesia to perform the above mentioned surgery.

    Surgeries conducted at Dr. V Pareek are performed with utmost care to provide the best treatment to the patients. Equipment used are all modern and latest and the best techniques are used to conduct the surgery.

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