Femoral Hernias


    How Can Femoral Hernia Get Treated?

    Femoral Hernia is a condition where some of the tissue portions get pushed out from the femoral canal wall. The hernia appears as a bulge either near the thigh or the groin area. The extended tissues also have extended nerves, arteries and veins. The condition is also known by the name of femorocele.

    The condition is quite rare and women are more prone to it. The case can be very critical when the hernia blocks the blood flow towards the intestine. This is the most critical type among all hernias and requires urgent and quick attention in order to avoid any misshapen.

    Causes Of The Hernia

    There can be a number of reasons because of which femorocele may happen. Some of the important reasons are: • Straining during childbirth, • Chronic type of constipation, • Excessive overweight, • Heavy lifting, • Difficulty in urination that may have caused due to an enlarged prostate, • Chronic type of coughing. Diagnosis Of The Case The very first sign that you might be suffering from Femoral Hernia is the symptoms that you face on a regular basis. Some of the symptoms that you might be experiencing are: • Pain in the abdomen and groin area, • Nausea accompanied with vomiting.

    If you have started feeling these symptoms, then it is the time to visit the doctor at the earliest. The doctor touches the area and tries to feel the bulging. To confirm the case, ultrasound is done in which the hole can be noticed from where the tissue has been pushed out.

    Treatment For Femoral Hernia

    Though a number of people may claim to treat the condition with the help of medication and natural remedies, but the ultimate treatment that is there for the case is the hernia surgery. A few years back, the surgery was conducted by cutting open the abdomen and then repairing the hole. But today with the help of new and latest technologies, the surgery can be completed with lesser amount of blood loss.

    Laparoscopic surgery is the method that is now used by many surgeons to treat the patient from such case of hernias. In this method a few very small cuts are made from which a number of devices such as the camera, laparoscope and others are inserted with the help of a tube. The hernia surgeon repairs the case by having a look at the screen where the inside imaging of the patient can be seen.

    Today so many modern technologies and equipments are being used for the treatment of critical situations such as the femoral hernia. Dr. V Pareek is the place that offers one of the best surgery options for such cases of hernia. It is the place where technology meets experience and offers the best results.

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