Laparoscopic Surgery Hyderabad


    Painless Process Of Laparoscopic Surgery Hyderabad For Abdominal Pain

    Laparoscopy is a specific diagnostic procedure to investigate and examine the organs especially inside the abdomen. This procedure is popular among doctors because it involves minimum invasive methods. Patients examined through this surgical process are operated with minimal incisions only. The instrument is called laparoscope that is used in Laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad.

    By using the laparoscope, laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad can see the live images in the abdominal organs. This instrument is actually a long and thin tube. In the top of its front end, there is a light with high-intensity and a camera with high resolution. As this instrument move inside the organs, a live image is sent to the video monitor connected to it.

    Why Is Laparoscopic Surgery Performed?

    There are few reasons why this surgical process is applied by the laparoscopic surgeon. • The main cause for this surgery is to find out the source of abdominal or pelvic pain. • There are some other noninvasive processes for finding out the reasons behind abdominal pain such as ultrasound, MRI, CT scan etc. If these tests don’t provide valuable information on the cause for that abdominal pain then this laparoscopic surgery is done to find out the actual cause. • This procedure is perfect for taking out some sample tissues from any organs in the abdomen. • This procedure is also performed for taking a biopsy.

    How Laparoscopy Performs?

    Laparoscopic surgery Telangana is particularly an outpatient procedure where either general anesthesia or local anesthesia can be used on the patient. In general anesthesia, the patient remains unconscious throughout the surgery while in local anesthesia, the patient remains conscious but he/she feels no pain during this process.

    A cut is made in the belly button of the patient and a small tube called cannula is inserted. This cannula uses carbon dioxide to inflate the organs of the abdomen so that the laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad can see the images more clearly. The laparoscope is inserted after that through that cut under the belly button. The camera attached to the top of the instrument will show images on the video screen in real time.

    There is total of four cuts done by the laparoscopic surgeon in the process. These cuts are made in order to insert other instruments as required for the doctor to perform better. Laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad may involve instrument for taking out tissue samples from the abdomen organs during a biopsy. All of these instruments are removed very carefully once this it is done. The incisions are closed by stitching and surgical tape finally with bandaging the area.

    This Laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad is a process where the patient can be sent home on the same day of surgery. One of the best laparoscopic surgeon options performs this whole process at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek very carefully in order to move towards further procedures required for the patient’s recovery.

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