Inguinal Hernia


    Inguinal Hernia: Causes and Treatment for Inguinal Hernia

    Hernia is a break in some kind of internal tube organ from where some of the tissues are pushed out that bulges out. Different hernias can form at different locations of the human body. Inguinal hernia is a situation that takes place in the muscle of either the groin area or the scrotum area. The result is excessive pain and discomfort in both the areas. Though medicines can help in reducing down the pain and uneasiness but the ultimate treatment for the hernia has to be the surgery.

    Causes Of Inguinal Hernia

    Mainly, the inguinal hernia situation is a defect that is caused during birth itself. Due to pressure, the muscle of the groin area many force out some tissues that may grow up as hernia later on after birth. If the case is not there since birth, then there can be other causes also such as: • Overweight, • Heavy lifting, • Straining, • Coughing. This type of case is mainly found commonly in men, but women may get such a case during pregnancy due to over straining.

    Symptoms Of Inguinal Hernia

    People who have developed the case after birth or after growing up may face a number of symptoms such as: • A slight bulge in the abdomen, • Pain the abdomen, • Heaviness or burning effect in the groin area, • Nausea and vomiting.

    When you are experiencing such symptoms, you should urgently rush to the doctor. The doctor will check you first by touching the abdomen and sensing the bulge then will ask you to go for an ultrasound test in which the hernia can be clearly noticed.

    How To Treat Inguinal Hernia?

    Inguinal hernia is one of the most critical and painful types. Hence, it is needed to treat it fast and very carefully. The only option in this case is to go for the hernia surgery. The best thing is that now the surgery procedures have changed a lot and in place of cutting open the whole abdomen, only a few small cuts has to be made in order to repair the defect.

    The hernia surgeon inserts a number of gadgets from the small cuts such as a camera, the laparoscope and a few more through a tube. The expert views the internal imaging on a screen and then operates the area accordingly. But there can be a few of the times, when a bit bigger cut is also made where the surgeon may insert his hand for the operation. But this happens in only rare cases.

    Hernia, at any part of the body can be risky and painful. Hence, it is important to have the treatment done at the best place such as that of Dr. V Pareek. The surgeons use the latest technology and gadgets so that convenient is offered for both the patient and the doctors.

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