Laparoscopic Surgery Telangana


    Laparoscopic Surgery Telangana For Diagnosing Abdominal Organs

    Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure especially suggested for diagnosing internal organs in the abdomen. This is why it is also known as diagnostic laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgery Telangana is a minimal invasive procedure that makes it a low-risk diagnostic surgery. Only small incisions are made under the belly button.

    The laparoscope is a long, thin tube-like instrument that has a high-intensity light and a high-resolution camera in front of it. These help the doctor look into the organs in real time on the screen connected to it outside. The instrument used by laparoscopic surgeon Telangana is inserted into the organ by a small cut made under the belly button.

    Why Laparoscopy Is Required?

    The reason for this laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad is to find out reason behind abdominal or pelvic pain. Before a patient is suggested for a laparoscopic surgery, the doctors ask for other diagnostic results from CT scan, ultrasound and also MRI. There can be situations when these tests fail to provide enough information on the condition of the patient, then laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad opts for laparoscopy. The doctor predicts some serious illness connected with the pain in the abdomen like: • Liver disease • A certain degree has reached for a particular type of cancer to appear • A tumor or mass in the abdomen • Some after-effects of previous treatments • Fluid found in the abdomen cavity etc.

    Procedures Of Laparoscopic Surgery

    There are two types of laparoscopic surgery performed by the surgeons in modern times. Before, the incapable features of laparoscopic instrument limited the possibilities of laparoscopic surgery Telangana in cases like complex abdominal surgery on the liver, bile duct and also pancreas. But with modern technology improving the quality of laparoscope to bestow different functions to help perform as neatly as in an operation by hand lets it work perfectly in difficult surgeries like Whipple operation, liver resection and also pancreatectomy.

    This laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad is an outpatient procedure where the patient can go home on the same day of operation. A small cut or incision is done under the belly button. A cannula is inserted through that incision. That cannula expands the organs with carbon dioxide gas. This helps the laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad look onto the organs more clearly. Laparoscope is then inserted that sends real time images of the organs on the screen connected with it.

    Further Involvement

    There are other requirements for this laparoscopy depending on the conditions of a patient. The surgical procedures may require up to 4 small cuts in total. It is required for performing biopsy using other instruments by the laparoscopic surgeon Telangana.

    The doctors can find proper treatment only after doing a complete biopsy of the patient’s condition. At Venu Gopal Pareek, patients can find treatment required for unnatural abdominal pain and aftercare to regain normal lifestyle as before.

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