Lift Hyderabad For A Better Cosmetic Cure And Effectiveness

    Thigh lift surgery, also called thigh plasty, is a surgical treatment that eradicates loose as well as sagging skin from the inner thigh and also the groin area. The cosmetic surgery should be done by a lift Hyderabad surgeon by choice to get the best results.

    Why Is Lift Surgery Important?

    This type of surgery is considered important for cosmetic appeal and treatment. Many patients select a thigh lift after a weight loss, for removing the additional skin that could often remain in the thigh area. Thigh lift surgery creates improvement in self-esteem and leads to better cosmetic experience.

    How To Choose The Right Doctor For The Surgery?

    Finding a good doctor to achieve the desired results in thigh lift surgery is the most important work for the patient. The plastic surgeon would lead the patient through each step of the thighplasty procedure, from assessing the patient to monitoring of his recovery. Getting a doctor with the correct personality and skills could help the patient’s thigh lift surgery to be conducted smoothly.

    Which Type Of Patients Conduct Thigh Lift Surgery?

    Thigh lift surgery should be undergone by a specialist like Dr. V Pareek who could understand the complications of treatment and healing and provide the best results. Generally, patients who:
    • Have a relatively balanced weight
    • Contain additional soft tissue along the inner thigh region and the outer thigh
    • Are healthy people with medical conditions that improve healing
    • Are Non-smokers with positive outlook and reasonable expectations
    • Are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regularly for a speedy recovery

    Procedure Of Thigh Lift Surgery

    Thigh Lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and generally requires a night stay in the hospital. In a thigh lift surgery, the surgeon creates an incision in the patient’s groin area and lifts the excess skin upwards before removing it. The wounds are closed with sutures that are removed after one week of surgery. After the surgery, the patient could experience bruising as well as swelling in the surgery area. This problem vanishes after a few weeks.

    Recovery From Lift Surgery

    The patient would require taking two weeks off from work in order to avoid strain and allow the groin area and scar to heal. After this follow up with the specialist is essential. After surgery, it could be difficult for the patient to walk. The patient must not take alcohol or smoke after surgery. Patients would be given instructions how to take care of the surgical site as well as the drains, which medicines to take to aid in healing and good recovery. The surgical incisions must not be subject to additional force or motion at the time of healing.

    Get the problem uplifted with the appropriate thigh lift surgery from Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek for the best results and effective follow up.

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