MIPH Hyderabad For Successful Hemorrhoid Treatment With Less Pain

    MIPH is an innovative operating process for hemorrhoid. But this process of treating piles does not fall under hemorrhoidectomy. Unlike in hemorrhoidectomy, MIPH Hyderabad does not excise the anal mucosa or the hemorrhoidal tissues. In this process, patients suffering from the problem of piles on areas of distal rectal mucosa or the submucosa found at the dentate line are treated.

    In this MIPH surgery, a special device is used to remove a ring of tissues from the area of the anal canal. This helps in cutting the blood supply to hemorrhoid ultimately making it shrink. The tissue ring is held in the place by staples. This is why this procedure is known as Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy. This process is actually beneficial to the patients having trouble for staying at the hospital for a long time.

    Reasons Behind MIPH Surgery

    A Hemorrhoid is a condition where the patient has swollen veins in the anal canal. There are two types of Hemorrhoid noticed before performing an MIPH surgery. In the first type, the veins are swollen inside the anal canal and the second type the veins are swollen near the opening of the anus. The first condition is named as Internal Hemorrhoid and the second type with the External Hemorrhoid. Patients can opt for MIPH Telangana when they find these symptoms:
    • Bleed during the bowel movement.
    • Itching at the area of anus opening and the internal anal areas.
    • Feeling rectal pain.
    • Finding streaks of fresh blood on the toilet paper after the patient tries to strain for the bowel movement.

    Procedures Of MIPH/ Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

    In the process involved in MIPH Telangana, a band of excessive prolapsed mucosa or submucosa located inside the rectum is removed. That mucosa is fixed using a staple and joined with the end of the area of mucosa anastomosis. This operation helps in blocking the blood supply in the hemorrhoidal artery. This way the patients having piles are cured. The prolapsed mucosa is also pulled up.

    This MIPH Hyderabad is prescribed to those specific patients who are suffering from grade III Hemorrhoids and also some grade IV Hemorrhoids. These are cured after MIPH surgery. In this surgery, hemorrhoid tissues are not directly excised. The titanium staples used in this surgery is not only a device to cut but also used for sealing. It is a useful procedure reducing bleeding and pain after the operation. There is no need for an unnecessary incision in the lower part of the anal canal. This helps in less pain and also discards the necessity of post operative care and dressing.

    Patients being operated with MIPH Hyderabad at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek can get back to their normal life very fast. This is a minimally invasive procedure which is why the patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day of MIPH surgery.

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