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    Piles and Anal Fistula are common ailments that create dilated vessels which carry blood. It could lead to bleeding while passing stool. Such a painful problem can be cured by Piles Surgery Hyderabad. Anal Fistula is an abnormal tract between the skin and the anus. If stool enters this tract and causes infection, it leads to a discharge of pus near the anus.

    The Hemorrhoids Relief

    The pain and also discomfort caused by hemorrhoids could be very grave. Around 15 million people in the United States have been affected by the swollen and painful veins. Most of the treatments have shown severe side effects. Recently a new non-invasive treatment has been discovered, which makes the bleeding blood vessels disappear without effort. Thomasine Brown, a resident of Baltimore was relieved of the 2 years pain that could not make him even sit straight. One treatment session of the HET Bipolar System that locates the hemorrhoid very quickly and shrinks it to the zero level!

    Methods Of Treatment For Piles

    Some patients could get away with medicines, but generally a piles surgery is essential. The various methods are:
    • There is a stapler technique in which a surgery is undertaken inside the rectum. This cures the piles, leaves no wounds and is free of pain.
    • There are many newer methods for the Anal Fistula Surgery like VAAFT, Anal fistula Plug, LIFT and set on. All of these surgeries are focused to cure the fistula from the interior instead of the outside.

    The Benefits Of Piles Treatment

    After many years of research and study, the most significant breakthrough in Ano Rectal Surgery is that the surgery for piles as well as fistula can be conducted by varied novel techniques with no wounds left and no extreme pain. Most patients are sent home on that very day and can resume work. The most beneficial part of piles surgery Hyderabad is that no wounds are left behind for dressing. In the modern surgical methods no damage is made to the anal tube.

    Piles Surgery Hyderabad On Pregnancy

    Piles are generally caused in pregnant women as a result of increased pressure in the abdominal region. Usually a strain at the time of bowel movements and an increased pressure on veins during the descent of the baby in the third section creates the piles problem. The other factors at the time of pregnancy could be constipation, obesity, increase in the amount of body fluids and others. Such a problem could be avoided by eating a high fiber diet in case of constipation, using laxatives, a warm water bath with salt and water could relieve the pain and itching sensation and using topical ointments to get rid of some pain.

    In case of surgery for piles the patient could visit Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek for a less complicated and pain-free operation and good recovery results.

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