Piles Surgery Telangana For Getting Rid Of The Severe Conditions Of Hemorrhoid

    In some particular cases of hemorrhoid, it cannot be treated with a healthy diet or lifestyle. The severe condition of the piles must be treated with a piles surgery Telangana in those cases. Among the various options to shrink or removing piles using laser or other methods are quite well-known these days. But when the hemorrhoid condition is quite severe and painful or bleed in times, then it must be treated with a piles surgery Hyderabad as a long-term choice.

    Hemorrhoid surgeries are safe and very effective for avoiding reappearance of piles. But piles surgeon Telangana advises the patient to take care of their bottom for preventing any new hemorrhoid to flare-up and also eat high-fiber food in order to avoid constipation.

    Need For Hemorrhoid Treatments

    Medical procedures for getting rid of the hemorrhoid often involve laser treatments. But in those cases the piles may reappear after some time. The piles may not seem to harm a physical condition of a patient directly but it affects the patient in several ways. The itchiness and irritation every time for sitting or wearing clothes may seem unbearable in times. The patient will experience a streak or fresh blood on the toilet paper and pain during bowel movement. These symptoms may worsen if not consulted with piles surgeon Hyderabad in time.

    Surgical Procedures Of Piles

    There are two most common surgical practices in order to cure piles and prevent it to reappear. One is Hemorrhoidectomy and the Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy.

    In Hemorrhoidectomy, the procedure is performed after using a general anesthesia. The patient is unconscious during the piles surgery Telangana and don’t feel any pain. In this surgical procedure, piles surgeon Telangana gently opens the anus to cut down the hemorrhoids. The patient may feel pain after the operation and needs to stay in the hospital for about 1 week or so.

    In Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, is a well-known alternative to the hemorrhoidectomy. Here the patients with prolapsed piles are treated under general anesthesia. A portion of the anorectum or the end portion of the large intestine is stapled so that hemorrhoids do not prolapse. It reduces the chance of blood supply to the hemorrhoid which forces the piles to shrink gradually.

    Other Procedures

    There are other choices for hemorrhoid treatments too. There is Hemorrhoidal artery ligation which is a procedure of piles surgery Telangana that reduces the blood flow in the hemorrhoid. In this surgical procedure, the piles surgeon inserts a small ultrasound probe inside the anus. Through the ultrasound frequency, the surgeon identifies the blood vessels supplying blood to the hemorrhoids. Those blood vessels are stitched which leads the hemorrhoids to shrink.

    There are other piles surgery Telangana procedures like freezing or laser treatments. At Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, patients are advised with the proper surgical procedures.

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