Obesity Surgery Telangana For Removing Sign Of Fatal Diseases

    People suffering with a medical condition called obesity are quite prone to suffer with other diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure etc. In obesity, excess amount of body fat is stored to affect the patient with negative results. People are considered to be obese where their BMI is over 30kg/m2. If this obesity reaches to a maximum level then doctors suggests for Obesity surgery Telangana.

    Obesity is primarily caused by eating excess in every meal. People suffering through obesity are also prone to avoid physical activities to maintain their body height and weight. In some cases, Obesity surgeon Telangana also finds genetic heredity. In these cases, without any specific reasons, the patient gains weight continuously which leads to no other choice but Obesity surgery Hyderabad.

    There are other causes involving mental disorders, endocrine disorders and also side effects of medications for any other treatment. In general cases obesity, patients eating less will also increase their body weight. The reason is the slow metabolism rate in their body.

    Need For Obesity Surgery

    There are different medical conditions involved with obesity. Particularly, the cardiovascular diseases are quite dangerous that is invited by the over body mass. If not treated through Obesity surgery in time, the patient may even face fatal dangers. Obesity is connected with type 2 diabetes. Patients also suffer with sleep apnea, depression, high blood pressure osteoarthritis, asthma and most fatal among them all, few types of cancer.

    Procedure Of Obesity Surgeries

    There are mainly 7 types of weight loss surgeries involved with obesity treatment. These are known as bariatric surgery. They are: • Gastric sleeve • Gastric Bypass • Duodenal Switch • LAP BAND • Gastric Balloon • vBloc Therapy • AspireAssist

    Among these 7 surgeries, most commonly known surgeries are Gastric Bypass, Gastric sleeve and duodenal switch.

    In Obesity surgery Telangana of Gastric Bypass, a small pouch is made from the stomach through surgery that is about 30 milliliter in size. Then this pouch is connected with the small intestine. This way all necessary stomach acids and enzymes are mixed with the food for digestion.

    In Gastric sleeve, Obesity surgeon Hyderabad creates a small stomach pouch in a tubular shape that looks like a banana. Most of the portions of the stomach are removed through surgery.

    In the Duodenal Switch, Obesity surgeon operates as a Gastric sleeve and creates a small stomach pouch. Rest of the stomach portions are removed from the body. Then the small intestine is bypassed and a large portion is removed from it. This surgical procedure of Obesity surgery Telangana is also known as BPD/DS.

    The rest of the surgical procedures of bariatric surgery are not as well-known as these three. But before deciding for any particular surgical method of Obesity surgery Telangana the patient needs to consult with doctors. At Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, patients are given proper advise on this a matter.

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