• My father had Bariatraic surgery , before surgery he had 92 kg and he faced lot of health issues but after surgery he reduced to 64 kgs(within 1 year) and now my father feeling better and is happy now, I would like to thank you Dr venugopal pareek because he has treated us like family member and given best treatment to my father last but not least l recommend him to Bariatraic surgery

    Sathish.N reddy

  • The Best doctor good experience,kind of a person,well committed towards patient .I recommend Sir Dr venu gopal pareek for Bariatric surgery for best result in Hyderabad.

    Bharath A

  • My sister gone through bariatric surgery done by Dr.venugopal pareek.The doctor is very good and professional in this surgery n he explained and cleared all doubts about bariatric surgery in detail.The surgery successfully done by the doctor including his team.The doctor gives so much motivation and inspiration to the patient which actually requires and important
    For the patient during and after surgery.thanks to the Doctor

    Mohammed Ayazuddin

  • Being an attendant on 22/8/18 , of Bariatric surgery patient, I would like to put my reviews regarding the excellent hospitality of the staffs and Dr. Vinogopal Pareek ….A very professional , expertise and courteous doctor I have seen. The kind and genteel behaviour and service provided by him was very friendly and warm. In past medical experience as a patient as well as an attendant I had never met such a professional doctor . The surgery was such that the patient could not feel any post pain surgery. May god always shower blessings on you this way .The hospitality of the other staff’s was also remarkably good. My overall experience in the hospital was 11/10…I would highly recommend other people to come and acquire the surgery facility from such a professional and expert .

    Umakanta Gouda

  • This is my first interaction with Dr Pareek. He is very affectionate, approachable and down to earth person. Equally efficient in execution of his surgical skills. I would recommend him as the first choice for any Gastroenterological and obesity related issues

    Abhinay Huchche

  • My mom she got operated by Venu Gopal sir for obesity issues , He operated her very carefully and we are very satisfied with him. My mom had diabetics and blood pressure right after her surgery diabetics medicines have been stopped. Her weight was 120kgs and her BMI was 51 .she under went mini gastric bypass surgery and she lost 9kgs within 10 days .Thank you so much Venu Gopal sir and the staff.

    Rozmeen Budhwani

  • We come to know about Dr. Venugopal Pareek when we were searching for a doctor for my Son’s obesity problem. During our first visit only he explained the scenario very well & it was possible for us to take the decision. We decided to undergo surgery. Surgery & postoperative period was smooth & uneventful. Postoperative management was very effective. Dr. Pareek & his team used to visit frequently. Their advice used to be very clear. Overall experience was wonderful.

    Yugantara Kadam

  • My mother had fistula and she was suffering with pain since 6 years and the pain was intermittent but it was horrible and she could not move. Finally had a check up at Sunshine hospital(Paradise) and case was handled by Dr Venugopal Pareek. In 1 day the surgery was done and it was completely cured. Dr Venugopal Pareek was very humble, polite and caring. Patients really need such support from their doctors. God bless him… Thank you Dr Venugopal Pareek for your help

    Kiran Chaitanya

  • It’s happy to post about the best Doctor Who has undergone my mother’s surgery it is not other than Dr. Venugopal Pareek. He is very amicable and humble doctor whom we have ever seen. Thank you Sunshine Hospitals for all your support.

    Nitin Kumar

  • I am a morbid obesity patient with Hypothyroid and PCOD, I visited Dr. Venugopal Pareek for the Bariatric surgery, Everything went very smooth and perfect I was recommended for Mini Gastric Bypass surgery, got that done and Dr. Pareek had made this entire process for me at much more ease. He is very nice and humble, he made sure I was given the utmost care by the hospital staff also.

    I am indebted to you Dr. Pareek, you made the whole process go smooth and perfect, Thanks a lot.

    Preet K

  • A very good doctor. Made me feel so comfortable. So friendly… That he changed the whole atmosphere. .. On the whole a very nice experience with the doctor

    Reethika Rao

  • My Experience With this Doctor is Very good. He is Very Care Taking. I’m Fully Satisfied with surgery done to My Brother and this Hospital Service is Very good. Thank U Very Much.

    anil anil

  • Hello my father under went sleeve gastrectomy surgery he was 132 kgs,height was 167cms, with the BMI 47, And he was suffering with joints pains and knee pains, my dad job is almost sitting work there is no physical activity and he put up weight and in night time his snooring was very highly and distrubsleep ,and having diabetes , after knowing bariatric surgery in our company singarinee doctors reffered to DR.VENUGOPAL PAREEK,Hyderabad and we are approached Doctor and asked about surgery ,he was explain detail and for my condition he suggested SLEEVE last two days back my father surgery was done ,me and my family members are very happy and Thanks to DR.VENUGOPAL PAREEK sir, he was given new life and good quality of life to my father ,now me and my family members all will recommend Those who are suffering with obesity problems pls Go and meet DR.VENUGOPAL PAREEK , Its safe surgery for weight loss management.

    Sravan Chilukuri

  • He is very good doctor. I am full satisfied. My husband is fine. Hospital services are good. Thank you sir.

    Musku Akash

  • He is indeed the best surgeon.
    The patient is doing well after the surgery. Thank you sir. We are satisfied and happy by the service given by the doctor.
    Would recommend anyone who is needed.

    Sneha Lingala

  • Hi my wife underwent surgery under Dr venugopal pareek he was very excellent and very professional in doing surgery me and my wife very thankful to him and I will recommend him very strongly for his services

    Ramana Murthy Boini

  • I am 71 years old man and I have been operated by Dr. Venugopal Pareek for gall bladder stone surgery. From day one during consultation till surgery I really liked the way doc has treated my case and taken care of me. He was very patient with all my queries. I want to thank him sincerely and wish him loads of success.

    Mitali Bose

  • I came from Bangladesh with my wife suffering with obesity problem. Her height is 150 Cms, weight 85 kg, 37.78 Bmi. I searched doctors for this obesity problems & bariatric surgeons. I was found Dr VENU GOPAL PAREEK in Google search and I saw his reviews and patient testimony and I was consulted Dr VENU GOPAL PAREEK came to India and meet with doctor and explain all my wife problems he was listen and he suggested for surgery and explained all details and the surgery was SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY we are very happy and satisfied with the Doctor services and ,I recommend him to all obesity persons to consult him and I will definitely very strongly recommend him Thanks to Dr VENU GOPAL PAREEK

    Amin Khan

  • Best Surgeon For Bariatric Surgery , I have gone through surgery last 4months and loose 40kg after surgery, . thanks to Dr. venu Gopal pareek and his team…

    Anil Monga

  • I heartily thank Dr.Venugopal Pareek and his entire team for handling my medical surgical case with utmost perfection. I wish Dr.Venugopal Pareek best wishes in future endeavours.

    Pitamber Purohit

  • Am very Thankful to Dr. VENU GOPAL PAREEK sir he was very much professional and excellent he made me very happy I underwent surgery and feeling very good, I Recommend his services to all

    Mehul parikh

  • I was referred to Dr. Venugopal Pareek by my family physician and had a wonderful experience visiting him for my health issues. My surgery was performed successfully without any hassles. Absolutely satisfied.

    Sucharita Roy

  • Consulted Dr. Venugopal for my wife. He was referred by a friend, and from the first day of our consultation, he has patiently helped us understand the procedure and support us making informed decisions. He is a brilliant surgeon and has been prompt to check on us all the way to recovery.

    philip kp

  • very good and he is very passionate with his patients…. and his young and smile face always: ) and I am satisfied with his operation and smooth magic hands…. thanking you sir

    Najma Ali

  • He is a well known surgeon and a humble one whom we have experienced and satisfied with his work. The surgery was successful and I appreciated his help.

    Nasrarh Abdullahi

  • My mother aged about 58 is suffering from knee pains from past 3 years. She had also fell down injuring her right knee and had 3rd grade ligament tear last year. We were consulting Dr. Guruva Reddy in Sunshine Hospitals, secunderabad and in the last visit he recommended to visit Dr. VENUGOPAL PAREEK for advice on bariatric surgery before proceeding to knee replacement.
    My mother’s BMI was 41 and she is having high BP, hypothyroid and also diabetes. Dr. Venugopal has analysed her profile thoroughly and after couple of consultations and counselling , we were ready to get
    “Sleeve gastrectomy” surgery performed. Surgery was performed on Monday I.e, 23 July 2018 in Sunshine hospital and she is discharged today.
    Initially we were worried of bariatric surgery but Dr. VENUGOPAL PAREEK had educated us and gave my mother strength to take this up. We are thankful to sir for everything and I will recommend anyone who is considering bariatric surgery for weight loss to meet Dr. VENUGOPAL.

    aditya s

  • Surgery was done successfully. Dr.attended the patient properly. Staff is also good.Hospital service is satisfactory. Thank u sir.

    Shreelata Girish

  • Got right treatment for my dad without any delay. The surgery was successful. Dr Venugopal parekh explained everything to my family members from time to time.
    Thank you doctor

    Pooja Mundada

  • I had an surgery done at Sunshine hospital Secunderabad by Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek on 4th July 2018. He is a very humble person. He tries to understand the patients willingness & sees to it that the patient is comfortable. Since I am a lactating mother he made a point that he completes the surgery as early as possible. After the surgery also he showed a good concern. I would definitely recommend Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek!!

    Bijal Sanghvi

  • Gastric bypass height 6 feet weight 140 a very
    Good doctor with positive attitude made me feel comfortable so friendly and a smiley face he is a great surgeon thank you sir

    Raghu Marneni

  • I came to know about Dr. Venugopal Pareek through a friend. I had a very wonderful experience with him and his team. Post operative recovery was so fast.

    Amrita Sahu

  • Pareek is good in knowledge. He is very cool while doing surgery. Explaining everything about the surgery. Explained about the cause and precautions.

    Chopparapu Ashok

  • My cousin underwent a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in May, 2016. Was discharge on time, surgery a success and has already lost 22 kilos. Best part is that he is off his anti diabetics and anti hypertensive medications too. My sincere thanks to Dr Venugopal Pareek for being such a great bariatric surgeon and above all a good human with high empathy quotient.

    Rohit Singh

  • Got to know about Dr. Venugopal Pareek sir through my friend and was Very satisfied with the way he treated the Patient.
    Surgery went very well and was happy that the patient got recovered to normal within no time.

    vijaykumar maruvada

  • I had a good experience with Dr. Venugopal. He was quick to diagnose the problem and provided effective treatment. He always keeps patient informed which helps building patient confidence

    Tanu Thapliyal

  • Its been a very calm and extremely professional experience with Dr Pareek. He had instilled a good amount of confidence in the treatment and the patient. Thank you .

    Rukmani V

  • He is A very good surgeon.full satisfied with his treatment. His team also very good response. thank you sir

    oggu sreenivas

  • He is good in public relations. Patient is doing fine after surgery. No aftereffects as of now.

    Kakarlapudi krishna sayi

  • My mother was facing too many problems because of her overweight and tried so many things to lose weight,but nothing worked.Then we visited Dr.Venugopal Pareek for the above problem, he advised an abdominal surgery which was simple yet very productive. It turned out really well and my mother started losing weight gradually.

    Sagarika Yadav

  • My mother had a hernia which has come out of stomach like a football.She is doing well after surgery.We are very much satisfied and happy with his treatment.

    Nivedita Surana

  • Very amazing doctor, very friendly, cool and a very patient human being

    ankit Kawad

  • The Treatment for removal of Gallstones was carried out yesterday by Dr. Venugopal Pareek & Mr Natwar V. Moorjani is feeling better after the treatment and the Hospital will discharge him today. Thank you.

    Nandkumar Mukhi

  • Nice experience… well managed… good service… fully satisfied by the treatment i have undergone…

    Shahed D

  • One of the best surgeons .iam fully satisfied with his treatment. He Very caring nd concerned doctor. his assistant doctors nd P.A. are also helpful .I m very happy with his services.thank you so much sir.

    Dr. Sonali Mehta

  • Dr. Venugopal has been excellent in guiding and explaining in detail about the Laparoscopic process for removal of Gallbladder stones. He has taken care of the process in decent way.

    Krishna Duvvuri

  • Hospitality is very nice.doctor is very helpful and generous.his guidance is useful.but queing/waiting times in hospital are very high which can be reduced .I am very much satisfied with surgery.thank you Venugopal pareek sir…N.thirupathi.

    thirupathi nayani

  • Had gallbladder surgery with him. Surgery was smooth and I am satisfied. Thank you sir

    Janardhan Thota

  • The doctor and the staff are so nice and courteous that you don’t feel as if you are a patient. You forget all the pain you have gone through.
    Thank you so much Dr. Venugopal pareek, sunshine hospital and Dr. Jayesh Shah for referring me to them.

    Sachin S

  • My brother’s son was operated for obesity problem by Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek who has performed perfect surgery with no side effects, he has given advice for exercise and diet control accordingly.
    We are very much thankful to him for his effective briefing about the surgery in advance.

    hussain haseeb

  • He was so good. Well receiving and good communication with patients . We got good surgeon. Operation was successful. I Am very much satisfied with all it services provided in hospital.
    Thanking you.

    Santhosh Kumar

  • Sleeve gastrectomy
    My father weighted 131 kgs about 5’10 height. With just one sitting with Doctor he realized he had to undergo this surgery. The surgery went really well. I would definitely advise/ recommend bariatric surgery. We are more than happy with the service provided by the doctor. He was available at all the times and made sure everything was ok with the patient. We are very satisfied with both the treatment and the services provided to us.
    Thanks to sir!

    akhila reddy

  • I am Purushottam father of Master Aditya A. (patient).
    Dr. Venugopal Pareek did appendix operation to my son on 1st June 2017.
    He is excellent doctor.

    Shree Durga Hiways

  • I am fully satisfied with the dr venugopal Pareek..The surgery was also very good…Also very gud response with the dr to us…

    Santosh Rathi

  • Very great and good surgeon.very happy and glad to dr.venugopal sir. Full satisfied.thank you sir.

    ritu ritika

  • Dr. Venugopal pareek is very experienced surgeon. I think he is one of the best surgeon in Hyderabad. my daughter surgery is successful and she is alright. thank you so much sir.

    Raja Sekhar Reddy

  • Mr venu gopal is very good surgeon.he is very nice communicating with patient as well as attenders. Thank u for is service. Thank u for hospitality.

    sandhya bijji

  • Very good experience from him ,he was taking care very nice,we are very satisfying ,and very good surgeon,that hospital maintenance & taking care for patents also very good , especially night times.the way of consultant the Doctor is very easy and awesome and good response from him .That hospital service for patents and their attendants are also good . Thank you so much

    rajendra chava

  • Sleeve Gastroenteritis
    We under go operation and we are full satisfied and happy with the treatment and our surgery is sucesse full done and we are so grateful for testing us and help us for betterment of my daughter I am so glad to be consulted and having great health life we are going to treat my grandson too for betterment of life and good health
    I received Dr Venugopal Pareek bartartice surgery I am so thankful for you treatment my daughter

    syed idris uddin

  • Sleeve gastrectomy: its a very good surgery for weight loss.
    We are full satisfied with the surgery service and hospital facilities.
    I have done this surgery with doctor cooperation and he suggested to me to do this surgery for my better health in future.
    I was very tense before this surgery ,then i searched in google which doctor is best for bariatric surgeon then i got dr venugopal pareek best reviews .after that i meet with dr he is very for giving me knowledge about surgery and what he promised me he had done every thing during my tough time (surgery time)..
    Recommend Dr venugopal pareek (bariatric surgeon)…am happy now after surgery better go with this doctor for bariatric surgery ..thank you so much doctor for giving me new life ..

    zakia fatima

  • Best doctor for weight loss surgery. Highly recommended …. A

    Nitesh Kumar

  • Doctor has taken care well
    The surgery was successful
    He was very friendly and caring
    Tq u sir??

    Vishnu Vardhan

  • Satisfied with treatment the staff attended regularly we are are also pleased by his nature .we are very much thankful to him.

    rekha jain

  • The patient is very comfortable post and press surgery. He was taken care by the Dr.Venugopal Pareek very wonderfully.

    Vadderaju Bhavana

  • Dr Venu Gopal Pareek us one the best doctor ever met in my life. He is very good surgeon in bariatric and gastro.

    Nitesh kumar

  • Dr Venugopal Pareek is very professional, makes patient at ease and does thorough job at surgical procedures. Experienced, knowledgeable n expert.

    sri devi

  • Dr venu gopal has good service and very sincerely listen the patient problem, and he is very good to analyze the patient condition, overall he is very excellent.

    Naresh Kumar

  • Dr venugopal is a very nice surgeon. I refer him cause his approach and medication is very good.

    Shereesha Muthyala

  • Goog surgeon. Took good care of me.
    Thank you Mr. Dr. Venugopal pareek.

    Prasad Bvp

  • Dr. Venugopal is a very good surgon.surgery was done successfully to my dad,good communication with patient and i am satisfied with his treatment

    Shravan Chand

  • Doctor services are very very good IAM very much satisfied with service’s which doctor has given IAM very much thank you sir good good good

    Taraka Raghavan

  • He is vert good expérience and i am fully satisfied thank you sir

    Venkatesk K. Venkatesh

  • Obesity gurunchi Dr Venu gopal garini kalisanu.dr garu
    Manchi salaha beriyatrik surjari ni ichharu.nenu e surjari cheinchu kunnanu. Naku baga undi ippudu. Surjari chesi 3days iyyindi. Naku emi hibbandi ledu. Hospital lo baga chusukuntunnaru .naku happy ga undi..venu sar nannu baga Chusukuntunnaru. Time to time medicine and dyte istunnaru. Time to time health care chusukuntunnaru.
    Dr garu surjari gurinchi baga chepparu.
    Dr garu surjari ina roje nadipincharu .
    Taruvata roju water and coconut water
    Icharu. Taruvata roju sup and juice ichharu.
    So dr venugopal is Good thank you sir

    sunitha Siluveru

  • Bariatric reversal completed successfully
    Dr.venugopal pareek sir is excellent surgeon and good for take care of patient in time response was good and sunshine service also super . Actually am worried about surgery but sir was did exlent duty I am full satisfied on surgery thank u very much sir …

    Ranjith Kumar

  • Hi,
    I am at Sunshine hospital secunderabad,
    I recently admitted to patient under dr.venugopal
    Surgery. I got him he is very good doctor well experienced and good natured.
    He done successfully operation of Salma khetani I am impressed by him and giving advice to this type of patient go under treatment of venugopal you will. Feel better under his treatment.

    H.H. Bharwani

  • Had a surgery in my abdomen by this doctor. He has completed the surgery with precision n also is very friendly

    Ravi Vamshi

  • Dr Veenugopal pareek was recommended by a friend of mine and he told me my problem will be solved by consulting this amazing doctor, then i met Dr venu and he explained everything to and informed every decision and what needs to be done.
    Underwent surgery and feeling happy now and i recommend you to visit Dr veenu and am sure he will not disappoint you.

    Hussein M

  • Dr venu gopal is very good surgeon we are very satisfied to his treatment we will hope the best wishes for him from over family .

    Habeeb Osman Jamal-ul-lail

  • Very good surgeon , he operated 80 years mother carefully she is recovering well very thankful to him

    d chandrakala

  • Dr venugopak pareek is very experienced surgeon I think he is one of the best surgeons in india. Thank u very much sir

    Satyanarayana V V Maddula

  • Dr. Venugopal had done lapro of my mom Savithri Pani and he has done excellent with utmost care. Even after operation he took utmost care with all follow ups.. This increased a lot of confidence and would surely refer anyone to visit Dr. Venugogopal incase if you are planning for Lapro surgery..
    Thank you…

    Sai Pani

  • dr. venugopal is a excellent doctor he is so cooperative ,is nature is very good he has done surgery of my stone, which is successful and i Recommend that every one should get consultant from him.

    shahin Khoja

  • Dr. Venu Gopal pareek has done surgery for my sister on July 2016 and everything went on well. Thanks for Doctors co-operation and we are very thankful that doctor has done it.

    Binu Daniel

  • He wonderful dr in both aspect in talking term and he diagnosis…Thank you sir

    Mohammed Naseer

  • My name is Ali aldhanhani iam from uae I had underwent bariatric surgery Sleeve Gastrectomy in the month of April under dr. Venugopal Pareek and the operation was successful I have lost 35 kg after surgery.This time I bring my mother also for Excision B/L Fibroadenosis With the same doctor. I advise people to visit Apollo spectra in Kondapur for any treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Venugopal pareek to anyone.

    ali aldhanhani

  • My cousin who was overweight by 120 kgs got Bariatric surgery done by Dr VenuGopal Pareek and is happy with the results. He is now only 80 kgs. Dr VenuGopal Pareek is well acclaimed and is cooperative with patients.

    kruthika raju

  • I came to know about Dr Venugopal pareek from Rajasthani Samstha from Abids I have listed his talk and I got inspired. I was suffering obesity problem from last 4 four years after hearing dr Venugopal talk I have consulted him and I explained him my health condition he has suggested me to go for sleeve gastric tony surgery. I have done with my surgery last four days back I recovered now and getting discharge happily. Thanks for Dr Venugopal advice.

    Mahendra Jain

  • Hi, I come to know about Doctor from Dr. Aktar Hussain Sir has ref me to Dr Venugopal. My operation done nicely all is well now. I am good now. I refer you all to meet dr Venugopal for Gallbladder surgery, can be done very smoothly & nicely. Thanks & Regards, Rajiv Ranjan Prasad

    Rajiv Prasad

  • Underwent surgery and feeling happy now , explained everything before surgery
    Dr Venugopal Pareek is very experienced and one of the best surgeon

    Upendrachary Mothukuri

  • First of all my name is k v Ramana and I search best bariatric surgery doctor, then i search several website and enquiry in my friend cercul then I know Apollo dr Venu Gopal garu then I take consultation and take all tests and dr said is okay for surgery
    Mini gastric bypass surgery has done on 17/10/2016 successfully, and iam getting discharge today in a stable condition, ill be very thankful to dr Venugopal garu.

    Dr k v Ramana

  • it was good experience getting myself treated under the guidance of Dr. Venu Gopal. i would wish Dr. Venu Gopal for his future and may he continue to treat more and more people with his best.

    rohit lakhiani

  • we had consulted dr venugopal pareek for my aunt. She was morbid obese with uncontrolled diabetes. She underwent bariatric surgery–mini gastric by pass in the first week of april 2016 at apollo spectra hospital hyderabad. now she has lost about 20 kgs of weight. apart from this, her diabetes also is under controlled, switched from insulin injections to maintenance oral hypoglycemic drugs.
    we had a wonderful experience with dr venu gopal pareek and his hospital team.
    we recommend dr venu gopal and the team to all obese and diabetes patient.

    Parvez Ansari

  • before surgery my weight was 146kgs and before surgery i had lots of critical problems i was unable to walk and sit where ever i want
    after 1 week of the surgery i have reduced 11 kgs
    i’m happy with this surgery.
    Heartly thanks To Mr. VenuGopal Pareek

    Ghiyas moinuddin

  • We are extremely happy with the surgical procedure carried out for my wife M Laxmi Vani on 27th Jul 2016. Thank you very much Dr Venugopal Pareek.

    Laxmi Vani

  • The best bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad City, with over 500 Bariatric Surgeries and over 9000 Laparoscopic surgeries to his credit….

    Srinivasulu Dhanala

  • We have under gone for Gall Bladder surgery in Sunshine Hospital, by Doctor Venugopal Pareek, He is the best and Nice Doctor for Gallbladder surgery in Hyderabad,

    Ramesh Bedadha

  • I appreciate the treatment provided by Doctor Venugopal.
    Thank you

    Vishal Gandhi

  • Very nice experience with dr. Venugopal pareek ..excellent service

    Swati Ghosh

  • He is excellent job I am fully satisfied thank u sir

    Jyoti Hisaria

  • Extremely satisfied with Dr Venugopal Pareek. Very nice and polite.

    Manish Bahety

  • Thanks a lot for providing excellent treatment and support during consultancy period.

    Shiva Kumar

  • Dr. Venugopal Pareek is a General Surgeon in Secunderabad, Hyderabad

    Nitish Singh

  • Best surgeon for foot diabetic treatment

    Mohammed Abdul Aziz

  • Good treatment, thank you Dr Venugopal pareek for your treatment.

    Papayya Kadiyam