Both Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries are minimally invasive procedures and have many similarities. In both surgeries, doctors make smaller incisions and use a camera to view inside parts but use different surgical instruments. As a result of technological advancements in robotic surgery, surgeons are able to perform these procedures more efficiently, and patients can recover more quickly.

It is likely that a doctor would recommend invasive surgery like laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery when surgery is required for treating your health problems like hernias. This is because experts clearly stated that both these techniques have substantial benefits for patients, which makes them the preferred method for many surgical procedures.

Robotic surgeries came into existence in the early 2000s. Since then, it has become more popular and started to use by surgeons throughout India over the past 10 years. Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the best laparoscopic and bariatric surgeons in Hyderabad, has extensive experience in performing robotic surgery using state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical techniques at his practice at Care Hospital,Banjara Hills ,Hyderabad.

Robotic surgery vs laparoscopic surgeries

While robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery are both minimally invasive approaches, their techniques differ. Robotic surgery uses much-advanced technology.

Robotic surgery, often called robot-assisted surgery, uses special robotic technology specially designed to carry out medical procedures. In contrast, laparoscopic surgery (technically called laparoscopy) uses a flexible and weightless tube called a laparoscope, which helps the surgeon see inside parts at the surgical site. A tiny camera is fixed at the end of the laparoscope, which sends clear, real-time images to a video monitor. Thus, the surgeon can have a clear, magnified view of the surgical site.

These robotic devices have special surgical arms that are fully controlled by the surgeon sitting at a console. Due to their fully articulated nature, the arms possess a wide range of motion, even within small incisions. 

With the aid of customised handheld devices and real-time video observation with cutting-edge imaging techniques, the surgeon controls and guides the robotic arms during the surgery. Robotic technology is known for precision and accuracy in many surgical procedures.

In the case of laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon directly performs the surgery using specially designed instruments that are inserted via tiny incisions. Besides performing the surgery, it is also possible to diagnose medical conditions with a laparoscope.

Benefits of robotic surgery over laparoscopic surgeries

Both methods are quite effective and beneficial in their own ways. However, as robotic surgery is innovative and uses advanced technology, it is more effective than laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery uses a console and a three-dimensional (3D) camera, whereas, in laparoscopic surgery, a two-dimensional (2D) camera is used. So robotic surgery gives a clear, magnified view of the surgical site. 

The level of dexterity in robotic surgery is high; it means it can rotate 360 degrees and can reach places that a surgeon can’t reach during traditional open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. In addition, it is unaffected by the usual tremors that occur with the surgeon’s hand.

The risk of complications and recovery is also slightly quick for the patients.

In general, a laparoscopy can diagnose a health issue as well as performs surgery, if necessary, for problems associated with the abdomen and pelvis. Whereas robotic technology is advanced, it is able to handle more complex surgeries. 

Robots can assist in performing a wide range of procedures associated with the heart, joints, gastric system, head, neck and even the reproductive system.

However, the robotic technique can’t address every surgical need, and your surgeon will work with you to evaluate your general health and estimate your needs. After a complete evaluation, he decides on the best treatment, which may be a laparoscopy or robotic procedure or open surgery. 

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