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    Thyroid Surgeon Specialist is the answer to all your problems

    A Thyroid Surgeon is of great demand as the thyroid disease is growing fast with approximately 30 million patients suffering from some thyroid dis-function. This disease cannot be neglected. A recent study foretells that the complications in thyroid cancer surgery have increased as compared to the previous days. It has been noticed that among all the thyroid surgery cases, only 12% of the patients may have faced complications after the surgery.

    Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease

    As you visit a thyroid surgeon specialist, he or she will ask for some of these symptoms:

    One of the symptoms is weight gain wherein the females have a lot of problems in shedding the excess weight due to an underactive thyroid. A fast heart rate is experienced in case of a thyroid problem. This symptom could last for weeks and even months in cases with advanced thyroid dysfunction. In the case of thyroid imbalance, the mind concentration of the patient could be scattered. A thyroid dysfunction could lower the body temperature and lead to anxiety. People having thyroid problem could suffer from skin diseases like acne and eczema. Hypothroidism could be the cause of bowel problems in various cases. An imbalanced thyroid could lead to fatigue. If the thyroid does not function properly, it could change the menstrual cycles and depression. What Could Be The Common Causes Of Thyroid Dysfunction? Patients who have taken radiation on their back or neck suffer from thyroid in the long run. A patient that suffers with autoimmune disease could develop several other illnesses. There generally are antibodies that begin to attack tissues in the thyroid glands. Some infants are born with the thyroid gland defect. A patient who has gone through a thyroid operation could develop thyroid dysfunction in the long run. Postpartum thyroid dysfunction could develop in the pregnant women. Without iodine the thyroid hormones cannot be produced well. The patient is advised to take iodine on the type of thyroid problem.

    Thyroid Surgery Requirements And Precautions

    After the operation the patient is moved to a room for recovery. The decision on the number of hours the patient should stay in the room depends on the anesthetist. The patient may some times have nausea or vomit after the thyroid surgery, but that is not a sign of worry. The patient could have water immediately after the operation. If there is a problem in the liquid intake, water could be given after 30 minutes. Generally the patient is discharged on the same or the next day unless there is a complication.

    The Treatment of a Thyroid Dysfunction is prevalent in all the good hospitals. To get a good surgery done one can visit the thyroid surgeon Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek at any time.

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