In this post, we will discuss a common and informative topic that most of us come across in our day-to-day lives. You might have heard people saying that I have a hernia and am too afraid to undergo surgery. An article I read stated that using a hernia belt could reduce the need for surgery. What are the benefits of using this belt? So Dr. Venu gopal Pareek, the Best Hernia Surgeon in Hyderabad, wanted to share some knowledge with people out there who want to know about the Hernia belt, which is often called a hernia truss.

How effective are Hernia Belts?

The point is, if you know something about Hernia, you can easily get to know about hernia belts or trusses and how they help in hernia treatment. Hernias are classified into different types based on location. Basically, they are defined as the protrusion of internal organs through the weak abdominal wall. In the case of intestinal hernias, the bulge can be clearly seen when a patient coughs or strains more.

A hernia belt is a thick padded strap that is worn around the Hernia. For instance, in the case of a groin hernia, the belt has to be worn around the groin area. Sometimes a metal int is observed on the front side of the Hernia. 

Hernia belts or trusses are designed in a way to hold your hernia contents in place inside your abdominal wall. This is achieved by applying enough pressure over the hernia defect, similar to applying pressure with your hand to relieve discomfort caused by a hernia. Hernia belts have been used successfully as a bridge to hernia surgery by patients in many cases. Some patients are forced to travel due to some emergency situation. In those situations, hernia belts can be very helpful. The hernia belt, when used under the supervision of a physician, can help to reduce symptoms and the need for emergency surgery. Though hernia belts are safe and effective, surgery is an ideal option to prevent an emergency situation. 

If the Hernia is minor and you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort, your doctor may suggest using belts and watchful waiting. But if it causes any uncomfortable feeling, avoid the hernia truss and discuss other hernia treatment options with the surgeon.

Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek says that he has suggested hernia belts to many patients and also performed hernia surgery on many patients who have used hernia belts for weeks to years. It is recommended to use the truss to delay the surgery (as a bridge) but not instead of surgery. It is important to wear the truss properly without pushing onto the Hernia.

Wearing a hernia belt has many benefits, and the prevention of future hernias might be the best one as these belts can also be used to support the weak areas even after surgery. Hernia belts or trusses are available in different sizes so that they can fit your individual needs. They are available for both males and females.

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