gastric ballon vs other weight loss methods

What is the safest and most effective method of losing weight? Millions of people ask this question every year, regardless of their age or fitness level. Because the rising incidence of obesity has become a significant problem for many people as it negatively impacts both physical and mental health.

The rising demand led to the development of a wide variety of weight loss procedures to lose weight in a safe and effective manner. They range from diet plans to supplements suggested by dieticians and hypnotherapy to surgical procedures like placing gastric balloon pills in the stomach.

While some weight loss plans offer short-term results, most patients with obesity still prefer long-term treatments that allow them to control and reduce their weight. The purpose of these procedures does not pertain to aesthetic purposes but also to reduce the risk of severe medical conditions caused by the excess fat tissue in the body.

Once diet plans and an exercise regimen are the only methods to lose excess weight, it takes months to years to be effective. However, the world has changed. With the introduction of advanced technology, many safe and effective surgical weight loss procedures have developed over the years. “Gastric balloon pills” is one of the latest innovations added to the existing weight loss procedures. 

What is the Allurion  gastric balloon procedure?

The Allurion  gastric Balloon is the latest bariatric OPD PROCEDURE to lose weight, and it involves placing a saline-filled balloon inside the stomach to cut back on food consumption and severely suppress appetite. Often this method is called an endoscopic intragastric balloon, one of the trending methods to handle obesity.

Gastric Balloon vs other weight loss methods

Finding the correct weight loss procedure for you can be challenging. 

Weight loss programs that are sustainable start with limiting your caloric intake and maximizing your daily activity, according to doctors and nutritionists. Taking mineral supplements and herbal supplements is acceptable. These “wonder” treatments won’t likely reduce much other than your account balance if you don’t cut back on your caloric intake.

Food is the first hurdle many people face when trying to lose weight. The task of eating less is difficult for those who love their food. Especially when you’re first starting, it’s easy to skip meals or switch to the extra salad. Those nagging feelings of hunger test even the strongest will. And just before you realize it, you’re back to your old behaviours with a heaping of guilt.

Many surgical procedures are available to help people lose weight, such as gastric bypass, gastric band surgery, and sleeve gastrectomy. In most cases, these methods work by reducing the size of the stomach or limiting the food absorption into the small intestine to stop the brain from receiving hunger signals. Generally, these procedures are irreversible, and like other surgical interventions, these procedures also carry the risk of certain complications. 

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Despite the burning desire to lose weight, if you suffer from cravings that are common to millions, you can permanently eliminate the misery of feeling hungry with an alternative weight loss called the Allurion Gastric Balloon Pill procedure.

It is a safe, painless, and most suggested weight loss procedure by bariatric surgery doctors these days for people who intend to lose excess weight. The gastric balloon pill program can fulfill your dream of achieving ideal weight without the requirement of anaesthesia, endoscopy, or long-term hospital stays.

 This Allurion Gastric Balloon involves swallowing a small pill that gently expands into a gastric balloon after reaching inside your stomach. It occupies some space in your stomach, which creates a feeling of fullness even if you eat in small quantities and also suppresses your urge to overeat. In contrast with other invasive procedures, this gastric Balloon dissolves and naturally passes through the body after a few months. 

If the procedure is done by an expert bariatric surgeon like Dr. Venugopal Pareek, there is a good chance that patients can lose 10-15% of their excess weight within 16 weeks, and if the patients can develop healthy habits, the change will last a lifetime.

If you are overweight and wish to know more detailed information on gastric balloon procedures, consult Dr. Venugopal Pareek, one of the best weight loss surgeons in Hyderabad. He has more than fifteen years of experience as a bariatric surgeon and helped thousands of people suffering from obesity.


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