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A number of tissue layers under the skin protect our body and the internal parts. These layers consist of muscles and other tough tissue layers called fascias and tendons. A Hernia occurs when the protective tissue wall of the body is damaged, allowing internal body parts or organs to protrude.

Surgical intervention is inevitable when the hernia causes symptoms and if the patient experiences serious health complications. The main purpose of this hernia repair surgery is to fix and support the damaged part of the abdominal wall. You can reinforce the hernia opening with mesh or tissue taken from your body.

MESH HERNIA REPAIR uses mesh to strengthen the tissues of the abdominal wall. Mesh can be manufactured from skin or intestine tissue or made from synthetic materials. It is possible for the mesh manufactured with synthetic material to be either absorbable or non absorbable, but mesh made from animal tissue will be absorbable.

For a hernia without mesh to be repaired successfully and carefully, extensive training and experience are needed.

Why mesh and no mesh hernia repairs are performed?  

A hernia is formed when the muscles of your abdominal wall become weak, allowing a gap between the muscle fibres. This weak spot allows abdominal tissues or parts of the intestine to prolapse. If the hernias are left untreated, it leads to severe health complications like infection and blood loss into the intestine.

The type of treatment necessary to repair a hernia depends on the specific diagnosis and the symptoms of the patient. Occasionally, the mesh is used to provide the necessary support when the standard repair techniques without mesh don’t work, whether due to the hernia’s size or its complexity. 

Dr. V Pareek, one of the best hernia experts, is focused on tailoring each patient’s hernia repair surgery according to his needs. He is highly skilled and expert in performing hernia repair with mesh or without mesh, even in the most complicated hernias.

Hernias are uniquely diagnosed for each patient. This is why he employs a comprehensive approach to fixing hernia problems. Depending on the severity and complexity of the hernia, he offers tailored treatment to each patient.

Can a hernia be repaired without mesh?

“Yes, practically almost all hernia repairs can be done without mesh.” In fact, before the invention of mesh all hernias were fixed without mesh. However, in 1960’s hernia repair with the mesh has been introduced and began to use widely because of it’s remarkable benefits. The excellent skill of non-mesh surgery, on the other hand, has been compromised by younger generations of surgeons. 

Hernia repair without mesh

A hernia repair without mesh can be done with the help of the following surgical techniques:

  • Open repair
  • Laparoscopic repair
  • Robotic repair

All this hernia repair surgery aims to push the protruding tissues or internal organs back to their original position. Any time a hernia can be repaired without mesh, the abdominal wall is stitched closed, no matter the technique employed. To properly close the wound in severe cases of hernias with large openings, a skin graft from another part of the body may be necessary.

Benefits of hernia repair without repair

In hernia repair procedures without mesh, tissues are taken from the patient’s body itself, reducing the risks like rejection associated with mesh implants. Hernia repair without mesh has some advantages, and the major benefit is that there will be no presence of foreign objects in the body, and there are no temporary or long-term complications associated with mesh. The cost of the surgery reduces since hernia repair with mesh is a little expensive procedure.  

A mesh used in hernia repair helps to decrease the risk of a recurrent hernia. However, it is not necessary for a mesh to be used to close the abdominal wall opening. The patient’s own body tissues are used in this no mesh repair procedure.

If you are searching for a Hernia Repair Specialist in Hyderabad, consult Dr. V Pareek, an expert in performing hernia surgery with mesh or without mesh. He has nearly two decades of experience as a laparoscopic surgeon and bariatric surgeon. He treated thousands of patients suffering from hernia problems. Call 


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