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    Laparoscopic Surgeon Hyderabad Operates For Locating Root Cause behind Abdominal Pain

    Laparoscopic surgery or commonly known as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a modern surgical procedure which is operated far from the location through inserting an instrument directly to the affected organ. Since this procedure performed by Laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad involves minimal incisions, pain and recovery are lesser than any open surgical procedures.

    The main element of this Laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad is to operate with the laparoscope which is a long fiber optic cable with a high-resolution camera on the top of it. There is a cold light source inserted through a 5 mm to 10 mm cannula or torcar. From this cannula, carbon dioxide gas is inserted in the organ for inflating the organ for a clear view.

    Need For Laparoscopic Surgery

    The main purpose of this surgery is to find out the root cause of the abdominal pain. • There are other diagnostic procedures involved in performing laparoscopic surgery Telangana. They are ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI. If these processes are found with useful results after which the doctors suggest for laparoscopy. • This surgery is prescribed for some specific organs such as liver, pancreas, appendix, spleen, stomach, small and large bowel, gallbladder and pelvic organs. • The laparoscopic surgery is found useful for biopsy of those organs and taking out samples for examining the actual cause behind the pain. • The diseases that are usually detected by the doctor after laparoscopy are fluid into the abdominal cavity, a tumor in the abdomen, a particular type of cancer in progress, liver disease and also some effects of specific treatments before.

    The Procedure Of Laparoscopic Surgery

    In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon applies anesthesia for beginning the procedure. In general anesthesia, the patient is made unconscious throughout the surgery and under local anesthesia; the patient will remain awake but only making numb the area for incision. There is a small cut made first under the belly button and the cannula is inserted into the organ with a ‘cold’ light source of either halogen or xenon. This high-intensive light illuminates the path for inserting the laparoscope used in laparoscopic surgery Hyderabad. CO2 is sent through this cannula for expanding the organ that will help the surgeon look into the organs more clearly.

    There is a high-resolution camera on the top of the laparoscope that has a connection with a screen. There is a total of four cuts made or less under the belly button. These cuts are made in order to insert other instruments for laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad to perform with better results. The doctor may require organ tissues during a biopsy. After this surgery is over, those incisions are stitched or closed with surgical tape. Bandages are applied above them.

    Laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad at Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek asks the patients for preparing beforehand in this procedure. The treatment before and after is very important for recovering faster.

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