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    Laparoscopic Surgeon Telangana To Assist In Laparoscopy Of Abdominal Organs

    Laparoscopic surgery is possible with a minimum cut under the belly button. This cut is made to insert a laparoscope that makes it possible for the laparoscopic surgeon Telangana to look through the problem inside the organs in real time. This instrument is capable in showing the live image of the organs captured through a high-resolution camera in front of it. There are other thin instruments attached with the laparoscope. In laparoscopic surgery Telangana, small incisions about half inch are made from where plastic tubes called ports are inserted first. The cannula is sent first to inflated the organs with carbon dioxide which can help the doctor see things more clearly. The laparoscope usually has a high-intense light in front to illuminate the scene. The captured images are shown in real time in the screen of a television monitor directly connected with the camera.

    Requirement Of A Laparoscopic Surgery

    The minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery is a specific surgical procedure which was used in gynecologic and gall bladder surgery in the beginning. But after the continuous advancement in this surgical approach, the laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad is now able to use this technique in the intestinal surgery. There are several diseases that need laparoscopic surgery such as: • Crohn’s disease • Cancer • Ulceractive colitis • Rectal prolapsed • Diverticulitis • And in some severe cases of constipation.

    In the beginning of laparoscopic surgery Telangana, there was an argument on the safety of using laparoscopy in cancer treatments. But this has been cleared out with successful results over the 10 years.

    Advantages of Laparoscopic surgery:

    In laparoscopic surgery, patients feel less post operative pains and discomfort than open surgeries. The time required for recovery is also lesser than normal surgeries. One can be discharged from hospital within a day or two. The scars are small and fade faster.

    Procedures Of Laparoscopic Surgery

    In traditional open surgeries, surgeons used to cut a bigger portion above the area to enter into the abdomen. But through laparoscopy laparoscopic surgeon Telangana only needs to cut incisions about 0.5 to 1 cm in size and insert the ports through them. The tubular instrument that is first entered in a trochar or cannula that helps the laparoscope enter the abdomen. The carbon dioxide is used to expand the organs for a better view on the cause behind the problem.

    In certain cases, laparoscopic surgeon Hyderabad can select a specific port that is large enough for their hand to insert. This specific type of laparoscopic surgery is known as hand assisted laparoscopy. In this case the incision may be bigger than the incision required for normal laparoscopy but is smaller in size than the traditional open surgery.

    At Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, proper treatment and after care is provided to the patients that have gone through laparoscopy. A laparoscopic surgeon Telangana will be able to find the cause behind abnormal pain in the pelvic.

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