Research On Your Obese Gene By Consulting An Obesity Surgeon Hyderabad

    Did you know that Diabetes could be cured by an Obesity Surgeon Hyderabad? According to the Australian Researchers, the patients who had undergone an obesity surgery where the stomach got reduced could get cured of diabetes as compared to the regular diabetes patients. Obesity is generally caused by more food intake, less physical activity, and genetic susceptibility. But such an ailment proves to possess a few definite cures and recovery strategies.

    How Can The Patient Cure Obesity?

    Obesity could turn into a crucial problem for any person. Thus the patient must work on the problem even before he notices its symptoms. The work can be performed by: • Adjusting the food intake. The patient should set realistic goals which he can achieve consistently. Obese adults must try to lose at least 10% of their weight over six months. Children and teenagers should try to maintain their weight and do enough physical exercise. • One could make a healthy eating plan by not eating in between meals, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables increase the intake of dry fruits like walnuts and almonds. • The daily calorie intake must get reduced over a period of 3-6 months. The daily calorie intake of females should be 1500 on an average basis. • Indulge in regular checkups with a good doctor such as Dr. Pareek to avoid any complications.

    Losing Weight Strategies

    In order to lose weight one must burn some calories than are consumed throughout the day. A healthy diet along with some exercise could prove to be effective. A sedentary adult takes in around 2400 calories every day. A good diet requires a correct content ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. One should rely on good health ratios and medication. Bariatric Surgery should be the last resort to adhere to. An obese patient could face the risk factors of Diabetes and different types of cancer.

    A Negative Energy Balance

    To decrease in weight one needs to be put in more energy than the amount consumed. This is known as a negative energy balance. If you are in a state of negative energy balance, the body will look out for stores of energy, like fat or muscle to fill up for the shortfall – the excess weight would get used up.

    In cases where the person loses too much weight, there could be serious health hazards. There could be a risk of Osteoporosis, decreased strength in the muscles, and problems in regulating the body temperature.

    The Best Obesity Treatment

    A group of Obesity Surgeons could create a difference in understanding the underlying causes of obesity and the best sited treatment. The initial focus is to have a 5 percent total weight loss. To achieve this, a weight loss program could be attended and followed effectively. The main treatment tools are dietary changes, exercise, behavioral changes, prescribed weight loss medications and obesity surgery. The best solution is to consult a good specialist such as Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek for desired results.

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