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    Obesity is generally caused by more food intake, less physical activity, and genetic susceptibility. Certain cases are caused mainly by genes, endocrine dysfunctions, medications, or a few mental disorders. The outlook that fat people eat less yet gain weight because of slow metabolism is not supported. Obesity Hyderabad could help to reduce the level of fat in the patients by consulting an obesity surgeon.

    Obesity Can Reduce the Blood Flow to Small Blood Vessels That Lead To Heart Failure

    Dr. Zsolt Bagi– a vascular biologist at the vascular biology center at Augusta University said that the older obese patients and also women suffering a heart failure get nothing explained for the attack. Generally what goes unnoticed is that the thickened walls could be a barrier to dilation of small capillaries. This condition is called Cardiac Syndrome X. In the patients and various animal models, the doctor found that the dysfunction is caused by an enzyme called ADAM17. This enzyme performs functions like helping in the growth factors and causing diseases like Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

    What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

    There could be innumerable causes for obesity like excessive food intake and less physical activity. A few causes have been defined as:

    • The availability of nutrition guidelines does not help much to solve the problems of overeating and lack of healthy dietary choice. Around the year 2000 the obesity rates in United States increased to 30.9%. There was also an increase in the food energy intake. The average increase in women was 335 calories per day. The food intake consumption came from carbohydrates instead of fats. The main sources of the carbohydrates are sweet beverages, potato chips, soft drinks, food drinks and vitamin water drinks which contribute to diseases like type 2 diabetes, vitamin D deficiency and various other diseases associated with obesity.
    • Obesity also results from interplay among the genetic and the environmental factors. Genes containing Polymorphisms that control appetite and metabolism could lead to obesity.
    • Certain types of physical illnesses, mental syndromes and intake of pharmaceuticals could lead to obesity. Other factors for obesity are hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency and eating disorders

    The Relationship between Obesity and Hypothyroidism

    According to research there is a relation between hypothyroidism and the problem of obesity. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland assist in metabolism. The two hormones produced by the thyroid gland help to metabolize carbohydrates and fat. According to a researcher at the University of Maples, the patients with hypothyroidism had a higher body mass. The TSH is higher among people who are not obese.

    Thus the causes of obesity could be cured with natural remedies, medication and sometimes surgery. In the entire cases one could consult Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek for good treatment and recovery.

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