Know About Piles Surgeon At Telangana

    Piles or as it is alternately known as Haemorrhoids is basically inflammation that occurs either inside or around the surface of anus or sometimes even both. There are mainly two varieties in this type – internal piles which are usually painless due to the fact that there are no pain nerve fibers in the upper canal. However, external piles develop in the lower portion of the anal canal and can be extremely painful because of the presence of pain nerve fibers.

    There are multiple reasons which can lead to this condition, for instance – constipation, pregnancy, ageing, hereditary factors etc. For treatment of piles – piles surgeon, Telengana can be consulted.

    Methods Of Treating Piles

    Treatment for piles can vary on the basis of the intensity of the inflammation as well as from person to person. There are various ointments and creams in available in the market which even if does not cure piles, but definitely reduce the discomfort that it causes. However, in extreme cases one must do piles surgery. Jotted down below are some of those ways:
    • You can go to any recognized pharmacy and ask for a soothing ointment or gel to apply on the inflammation to reduce the itchiness.
    • Several such creams or ointments contain anesthetic which may ease the pain. One thing to keep in mind is that such anesthetics should not be used for more than 5 – 7 days.
    • There are gels which has a composition of corticosteroid in them which work very well for treating piles. Besides reducing the pain or itchiness, they also work well for healing the inflammation.
    • Piles that are caused due to pregnancy issues often get cured after child birth. However, during the period any of the following methods can be used for betterment.
    Surgical Methods
    Often the basic treatments do not help and one must undergo a surgery from a renowned piles surgeon for cure. Even the surgical methods can vary, which are as follows:
    • Diathermy and electrotherapy – In this procedure, intense heat is used to destroy the piles. The success rate for it is quite high and related complications are minimal.
    • Injection sclerotherapy – This method utilizes infrared energy to entirely burn and cut off the circular portion of the piles which then reduces in size.
    • Haemorrhoidectomy – Here, a patient must go through an operation to cut off the piles. After which the area is wrapped with a bandage to avoid further infection.

    Available Piles Surgeon In Telengana

    Often the patients are unsure about where to visit for a piles surgery at Telengana. Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek is one of the best. He treats his patients with utmost care and provides him with the best medications and smooth operation. The equipments used at his clinic are modern and the techniques anew. Therefore, the patients recover soon without any further complications. Piles can be really painful at times and cause trouble in leading a normal lifestyle. Hence, the symptoms should not be ignored once it starts appearing.
    Treat yourself through the hands of the best surgeon and get cured soon. Once recovered, piles generally do not come back, so you do not have to worry.

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