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    The thyroid gland is located in front side of the neck under the Adam Apple. Thyroid surgeon Telangana suggests for a thyroid operation when there is any sign of thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism or harmful nodules are found. In the thyroid surgery, the thyroid gland is removed. After the removal of the gland, it is to be expected that some hormonal medicines are prescribed to match up with the natural hormones generated by the thyroid in the body.

    In the surgery, only a small incision is made. From that incision, all connected muscles and tissues are pulled out to locate the thyroid gland. With the modern technical usage of science, thyroid surgeon helps in fast recovery of the patient. Patients can even leave the hospital after one or two days.

    Why Is It Advised?

    A patient undergoes any particular type of thyroid surgery Telangana depending on their problems. Usually, a patient is advised for thyroid surgery for: • The patient is suffering from thyroid cancer or the doctor suspects that there is a sign of thyroid cancer. • If a benign nodule has become large enough to prevent normal breathing or swallowing. • If a nodule is back after the cyst from it is drained once or twice. • Thyroid surgeon Telangana suggests for surgery in case of hyperthyroidism. This disease can’t be treated with radioactive iodine or even with medicine that works with other thyroid problems.

    Thyroid Surgical Procedures

    Any patient suffering from a thyroid cancer is advised to undergo a thyroid surgery as soon as possible. In the specific surgery, the Thyroid surgeon Telangana removes much portions of the thyroid gland. This surgery is called Total Thyroidectomy. The entire thyroid gland and also the connecting lobes are removed from the body. The lymph nodes surrounding the gland are also removed. If the patient is suffering from thyroid cancer then there is also TSH or thyroid-stimulating hormone suppression procedures are involved.

    There is a Thyroid lobectomy surgical process with isthmectomy. In the first, the thyroid surgeon will remove the one lobe having nodules inside. If the procedure is performed while cutting out the isthmus also then it is called isthmectomy. After the surgery, if there is any sign of cancer cells present in the other lobe then the Thyroid surgeon Telangana may opt for a complete thyroidectomy.

    In the Near-total thyroidectomy, the surgeon will remove a complete lobe and then cut out the half portion of the other lobe. This operation is performed on patients suffering from Hyperthyroidism originated from Graves’ disease. Through the modern technical application, Thyroid surgeon Telangana can also perform endoscopic thyroidectomies. In this procedure, several small incisions are made to insert a small camera and other necessary instruments. At Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, every patient is diagnosed thoroughly to advise the best option of thyroid surgery.

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