hydrocele surgery cost in hyderabad

The average cost of hydrocele treatment in Hyderabad varies greatly from one hospital to the other based on many factors. On average, the Hydrocele Surgery Cost in Hyderabad ranges from anywhere between Rs.60,000 to Rs 1,00,000

A hydrocele is a form of inflammation that arises primarily in the scrotum. It occurs due to the accumulation of too much fluid between the thin protective sheath around the testicles. This is a common condition in neonates and disappears on its own. However, this can develop in bigger kids and mature men as a result of a testicular injury or infection. Even though it is not painful, this condition can be extremely unpleasant. Fortunately, good therapeutic approaches are available to treat this condition.

There is a myth that Hydrocele Surgery Cost is very high that some people can’t afford them. Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, one of the best laparoscopic surgeons in Hyderabad, says that it is not true. The Hydrocele Removal Cost in Hyderabad is very low and affordable for any class.

The most common treatment regimen for newborns is watchful waiting and supportive care. This simply means that you must observe the region frequently and take a note if any significant changes occur. The condition usually heals by itself, and, commonly, it is resolved totally as your child grows. It is not a major concern to be worried about because it causes no pain to the baby.

In adults, the condition implies underlying issues or possibly results in other problems, such as infections in the testicular area and testicular cancer. So it is very important to get medical attention immediately if you notice anything is wrong. Normally it may not be painful, but if the swelling increases in the area, it may cause pain. In such cases, doctors usually suggest surgery as the best treatment option.

The average price of the hydrocele treatment in Hyderabad

The average cost of hydrocele treatment in Hyderabad varies greatly from one hospital to the other based on many factors. On average, the cost of hydrocele surgery ranges from anywhere between Rs.60,000 to Rs 1,00,000. It mainly depends on the type of surgery, hospital, the city you live in, and the experience of the doctor treating you. In metropolitan areas, there is a higher cost of living than in smaller communities, which is why prices can be a bit higher.

Hydrocele treatment options 

Infants might need to undergo vaginal closure procedures to seal the opening, which was supposed to close on its own before birth.


The procedure involves inserting a needle into the scrotum to drain the fluid. Once the fluid is drained, the sac around the testicles is injected with a chemical to reduce the size (Sclerotherapy). As a result, the fluid cannot build up again.

Open surgery

It is a surgical procedure where a large incision is made to drain the fluid on the scrotum. The tissue (sac) surrounding the Hydrocele is excised or realigned. The fluid is drained by inserting a small tube through the incision. This tube may remain in there for several days. After the surgery, the incision made will be sutured.

Laparoscopic Hydrocelectomy

This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure carried out with a laparoscope, a thin tube with a camera head. This laparoscope is inserted into the scrotum by making a small hole-like incision. It transmits the images to a monitor connected externally so that the surgeon can observe the internal parts of the scrotum. To complete the procedure, some other instruments are sent through this tube.

What are the consequences if Hydrocele is left untreated?

There are two types of hydrocele, non-communicating and communicating. In general, the noncommunicating hydrocele tends to be less harmful since its size is not increased and is nearly constant. In contrast, a communicating Hydrocele is much more serious and may result in severe health complications like inguinal hernia if not treated in time.

Why Dr Venu Gopal Pareek for Hydrocele Surgery ?

The condition usually affects adult males between the ages of 40 and 50. Hydroceles cannot be treated with alternative home remedies. If you want to get rid of it, you must consult an expert doctor and follow the treatment plan tailored for you. Treatment for Hydrocele is permanent. Consult Dr. Venu Gopal Pareek, an experienced Hydrocele treatment doctor in Hyderabad with over 19 years of experience, for more detailed information. Call +91 91-777-77715 to book an appointment with the doctor. 

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