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Hernia recurrence occurs when the hernia comes back after hernia surgery. The mesh device is designed to prevent the hernia from recurring. However, recurrent hernias often occur due to complications from a damaged mesh implant. 

Hernias can affect men and women of all ages, including children. A hernia is a condition in which a bulge appears on the layer under the skin, most commonly in the abdomen or groin. Although hernias can be treated with surgery, the biggest complications remain after surgery. Yes, hernias can come back after repair and are called “recurrent” hernias. It can happen to any patient. 

Recurrent hernia forms after successful primary hernia surgery. This can happen at any time, perhaps within days or weeks after the first surgery or after years. Although the patient does not have control over the risk of the hernia developing for the first time, they can take certain precautions to minimize the chance of the hernia recurring.

Let us see more about recurrent hernia and surgery for recurrent hernia provided by Dr Venu Gopal Pareek.

What is a recurrent hernia?

Hernias occur when a tissue or organ presses on a weak point in the abdominal muscles and usually heals through surgery. Although most hernia surgeries are successful, the hernia may come back months or even years after the initial surgery.

When hernias recur near or at the site of a previous repair, they are called recurrent hernias.

What are the risk factors for recurrent hernias?

Recurrent hernias can occur for various reasons, such as surgical errors, ineffective sutures to hold the abdominal muscles over time, or surgical wounds that don’t heal properly.

Best Laparoscopic Hernia surgery by Dr V Pareek, One of the best Bariatric surgery specialist in Hyderabad

The most common risk factors for developing recurrent inheritance after the primary repair include:

  • Being overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Steroids, chemotherapy, or other drugs that affect the immune system
  • Heavy lifting or other strenuous activity
  • Too much activity after surgery
  • Excessive smoking
  • Collagen disorders 
  • Chronic cough
  • The presence of a sliding hernia
  • Inadequate use of surgical techniques, such as B. incorrect tissue selection, overlapping missing tissue or no correct tissue fixation
  • The original surgical experience of the surgeon
  • Mesh was not used in the initial repair
  • The initial mesh did not attach to the muscle properly.

What are the signs and symptoms of a recurring hernia?

  • Swelling at or near the original hernia
  • Pain – which can range from dull aches to severe pain – especially when coughing, sneezing, or lifting heavy objects
  • Distension of abdomen or constipation

How are recurrent hernias diagnosed?

Your doctor will examine your abdomen closely after reviewing your medical and surgical history. You may be asked to stand up and cough so that the doctor can see or feel a bulge that indicates your hernia has returned.

If you have recurring hernias, your doctor may order imaging tests to find the hernia location and advise you on treatment strategies. They include:

  • Ultrasound 
  • Computerized tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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What are the treatment options for recurrent hernias?

Treatment options include:

  • Monitoring: In some milder cases, your doctor may recommend that you continue to monitor your hernia before taking any action.
  • Planned Surgical Recovery: Recurrent hernias can sometimes cause excessive pain or discomfort. If this is the case for you, your surgeon may recommend planned (non-emergency) surgical repairs.
  • Emergency surgical repair: In rare cases, emergency surgery is required. This approach is recommended when a recurring hernia threatens to strangle part of the intestine.

Surgical repair of recurrent hernias is performed by covering and strengthening the defect in the abdominal wall, often with a synthetic mesh material. The method your doctor recommends depends on the size and location of your hernia, your general health, and your expected level of physical activity in the future. Surgery is needed to repair recurrent hernias.

Recurrent hernia surgical treatment and after treatment

Recurrent hernias can be the most difficult type of hernia to repair.

  • Laparoscopic Recurrent Hernia Repair: Patients with Recurrent hernias can undergo laparoscopic hernia repair. This is because the muscles around the hernia are weak. Laparoscopic techniques can usually be used to thread larger mesh to allow weakened muscles to heal. If the initial surgery is performed openly, the previous scarring can be avoided by laparoscopic surgery.

The hernia mesh is wrapped and placed through one of the laparoscopic openings in the abdomen. From there, it is pulled with sutures (stitches) to the muscles surrounding the hernia. As soon as the mesh is attached with threads, a special brace is used to attach the mesh to the healthy muscle further.

People with recurrent hernias are good candidates for laparoscopic recovery. This is because the abdominal muscles are weak, and laparoscopic surgical techniques can maintain muscle integrity more than just an open hernia repair procedure. Also, the use of a laparoscopic device avoids scars from previous operations.

  • Open Recurrent Hernia – If the recurrent hernia is complex, open repair may be needed to restore the proper function of the abdominal wall. The open repair allows the surgeon to gently return the abdominal tissue to its original position and place a mesh on either side of the weakened muscle for additional strengthening. 
  • Complex hernia repair: This is where the various layers of the abdominal wall are separated to achieve a more permanent repair.

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Depending on the type of surgery performed and the patient’s general health, patients can go home the same day after the surgery. If a person can return to daily activities, it could be anywhere from one to three weeks after surgery. It is important to plan and attend all recommended follow-up meetings.

Recurrent Hernia-what is the best surgery.

It is very important to find an experienced surgeon who will perform multiple hernia surgeries to reduce the chance of the hernia recurring. Laparoscopic hernia surgery is the best way to get rid of recurring hernias. The reason is that the muscles around the hernia are weak, and therefore they tear after trying to heal. 

Using the laparoscopic technique, a larger piece of mesh can be placed to repair the weakened muscle. Although the initial surgery was performed with the open method, laparoscopic surgery could be performed easily and avoided the previous scarring. It remains a fact that complications occur more frequently after repeated hernia surgeries. Therefore, primary hernia surgery must be repaired properly to minimize the risk of complications due to a repeated repair.


Certain factors cause hernias to recur, but the latest technology and experience from your surgeon will reduce the risk of hernia recurrence after a major repair.

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