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Around 5 million people in India develop inguinal hernias each year. Inguinal hernias, the most common type, make up 2/3 of the hernias. And roughly 90% of them are male – which might explain its reputation as a male condition. Why are only 20% of hernias repaired? Maybe because they don’t know what repair options…

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 Inguinal hernia -Diagnosis and treatment  Do you experience groin pain every time you lift something or while coughing? You may have a hernia near your groin that requires medical attention. A hernia usually refers to an unusual protrusion of an organ in the body. In an inguinal hernia, the bulge or hernia is near the…

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If you see a bulge under the skin anywhere on your abdomen or belly button or feel a pop in your groin area after lifting something heavy, don’t be surprised if the doctor tells you that you have a hernia. Hernias occur when internal organs, fat, or tissue penetrate weak points in the muscles and…

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A hernia is a condition when an internal organ or tissue penetrates through holes in the muscles. Surgery to restore a hernia involves moving back the tissue that got displaced from its position, and one such procedure is Hernioplasty. In this type of surgery, a mesh patch is sutured into a weak area of ​​tissue….

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