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Childhood Obesity Surgeon Hyderabad

A large number of children today face the problem of obesity and it is very alarming to see this. These children have a high risk of serious diseases like diabetes and heart problems when they become older and turn into adults. The increased body weight puts a negative impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of the kids. An overweight child has to bear the body shaming by the people in our society and this leads to emotional problems. A WHO report says that the obesity rate all over the world in babies and children up to the age of five years was thirty-two million in 1990 while this rate went up to forty-one million in 2016. The rate of obesity increased in developing countries by thirty percent in comparison to the developed countries. This revelation is quite surprising and it is important to pay attention to address this problem. Following are some ways to fight childhood obesity.

Make The Mealtime Interesting

Let your child develop an interest in eating food. Make the meals attractive and interesting so that the kids enjoy eating food. Parents should focus their attention on the child. Listen to what they have to say. Do not keep the television on at the mealtime. Play some soothing and soft music while eating the food to feel relaxed.

Cook Healthy Meals

Cook healthy foods for your meals. Always choose high-quality food that has fewer amounts of harmful ingredients like sugar and oil. Often, children are given sugary, fatty, and oily foods by the parents and this is a mistake. High-calorie food is not good for health so avoid giving such foods to your child. The cooks and family maids who prepare food at home cook high-calorie meals with a lot of oil and unhealthy ingredients to impart taste to the food. Avoid such foods.

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Be A Role Model For Your Child

Just preaching good habits to children is not enough. You need to teach the little ones by showing them and serving yourself as an example to them. Let the kids learn from you. Parents who themselves choose healthy foods and adopt good eating habits are likely to inspire their kids to follow the example and take the parents as role models. Eat nutritious foods and watch your kids do the same. Children copy their elders and they do what the parents do. Thus, make healthy food choices yourself.

Present The Food Attractively

The presentation of the food is as important as cooking a healthy meal. Foods that are served with an attractive and appealing presentation arouse an interest in the kids to eat the food. Chop the vegetables into interesting shapes that are attractive to see. Serve the food in bright and colorful plates and utensils.

Avoid Forcing The Kids To Eat

Let the kids eat the food according to their choice and hunger without forcing them to finish the meal or eat more than they want. Allow the children to stop eating once they feel full. The elders of the family derive happiness and satisfaction by seeing their kids do overeating. This can be a bad habit for the kids as they learn this attitude when they are a child and so they are likely to continue this when they grow up. Thus, avoid forcing your kids to eat.

Make The Fast Foods Healthy

Do not give fast foods to children. If your child insists on eating such foods, make the food healthy by using whole grains instead of refined grains like white flour. Modify the fast foods to make it healthy. Choose brown bread made of whole wheat instead of white bread. Do not put high-calorie dressing and fatty things like butter in the food. You should also avoid adding cheese.

Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits From An Early Age

Encourage your child to control the obesity problem from an early age by inculcating healthy eating habits in them. It is very difficult to change the unhealthy eating habits once a child grows up. Adults find it harder to modify their eating behavior and control the weight in the grown-up age. Thus, start the weight control from an early age.

Conclusion: The problem of increased body weight is a major health challenge for the kids. It needs continuous efforts to fight this problem and stop the children from becoming obese. It is the foremost duty of the parents to develop healthy eating habits in their little ones for making their lives happy, healthy and disease free. if you need Obesity surgeon in Hyderabad you can consult Dr. Venu Gopal pareek. 

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